So many Jonahs

By MatthewSix25to34

November 8, 2017

Posted on December 23, 2017

Hello my brothers and sisters, I pray you all are well! I will just say a day or two early to each and every one of you… Merry CHRISTmas! As we approach the day of His birth we can reminisce on the many prophets who came announcing His birth or others who were asked to carry certain messages to certain people. One that comes to mind for me, especially after this writing I received, is Jonah. Yes, I know it appears hypocritical to speak about someone who was so reluctant to send a message that God asked him to, especially when I SUCK at doing it myself! I do believe however that God is calling many to share His word today; maybe more than He has called in the past? Why are we so reluctant? Why do we worry so about doing such? The answers to these questions I do not have for you but I can share a story about a friend of mine from work who I love and who prays with me every week. We will call him Jonah for a lack of a name. Jonah has been sending me things or texting me things a lot lately, when I see what the content of the message is I call him to thank him, for it was a confirmation for me about something I was just praying about. After about the third time in a week of him doing this I asked him if this happened to him often? He responded with, “I usually push these things off when I feel them, but this time I have been following the prompts I have received”. Thank God he has, it has been a true life saver for me in certain areas. Think about this the next time you feel a nudge from God to do a specific thing, even if it feels uncomfortable to do so. As you know I do not like making this about me or my life, it is about the message! This time however I felt a need to share this with you so you could possibly identify with Jonah and do something different about it. Please read the message and see how our Father is talking to us about being “Jonah’s”. God bless my brothers and sisters and once again… Merry CHRISTmas!!!!


November 8, 2017

Lord: My son write down what I say to you, for many need to hear these words.

My child be at peace, it is I your Lord and God and Father, along with my son and the Holy Spirit. My child do not be afraid to share my words, for they are meant for all out of love. My child there are so many Jonah’s in the world today. So many that I have chosen to share my words and my guidance, but just like you they tend to shy away for one reason or another from speaking what I have given them. Do not be like Jonah, for the day is coming that will make the three days that Jonah spent in the belly of the whale seem like nothing. The day is coming my child that will bring ultimate truth to the world. A world that just like Jonah was not ready to hear it. My little ones if you don’t speak for me, then who will? Will it be your leaders? No, for they are too concerned about their place in life and the loss of popularity that would come. Will it be my church and those I have called to be another Jesus for you? No, they have fallen for a great lie and their test has been extreme; their love lies in the gluttony and the greed, for this they will answer. Will it be from the media or the other places I gave you the gift of technology to use to spread my word? No, this has become a cesspool and a place of atrocity to your Lord. The world is broadcasted sins and lies and for the most part has chosen to believe and even defend it. Satan has launched an attack against my creation and my church on every level. He has launched it on the senses; a battlefield that has become littered with lust for the flesh and power and greed. He has launched it on the intellect; a place given as a gift from me to allow you to understand that of which I share. This has become a mini-god to many. Their pride and their ego feed here.They have removed me from my place at the table and have decided that they know better now. That my boundaries for moral behavior and the way of living here as the body of Christ is somehow in error. Fools…, who do they think they are? After all, with all of the inventions of mankind and all that has come to pass leading them to feel this way, they are still exactly what I made them. They are souls living this life of challenge and obedience to my commands and will be accountable for all that they have said and done to themselves, but especially to others. He has launched it on idealism and belief. He has set a trap that has sent many to perdition because they have chosen to create and defend an idealism that feeds the other areas of this battle. This has been a multifaceted attack designed to confuse, to tempt and ultimately remove you from the eternal banquet that I have prepared for all of those who love me. My child, so many of my children are in great need of this information. So many are unprepared for the day of truth that will be arriving shortly. With this information, they can make a decision to stop empowering these attacks. For many it will change that day entirely. Once again my children if not you, then who will share this with them? I have called many of you to the task, but many of you are either too busy or have refused my invitation. Please accept this writing given to my servant as my official invitation once again. Ask yourselves my children the same question my apostle Peter did; to whom shall we go? In this answer my little ones you will find your eternity. That is all my son, now please go and share this with all who will listen. I love you my son, amen. Do not wait my children to answer this call for the day is almost upon you; for many of you it may be too late.