Message from Jesus to Littlest of Servants

By Miscellaneous Messages

August 13, 2015

"Forgiveness is the key that each one holds to get out of Satan's jail. When you refuse to forgive not only are you not following one of My most important commands you are entering into Satan's jail cell. In this cell you will learn how to seek revenge, to hold grudges, to cask spells on those you refuse to forgive, to commit acts of violence, and to eventually to murder and destroy. When committing these acts you will be seeking the feeling of satisfaction but that is not what you will feel. Instead you will feel empty inside and you may even feel remorse over what you have done. At this point you may change and decide that forgiveness is the way to happiness and seek My help to forgive. It is only by My help that you can forgive because I AM YOUR STRENGTH! I AM YOUR SAVIOR! And only I can help you with this problem. I will teach you that LOVE AND FORGIVENESS is the way to your freedom from hate. WHEN YOU FORGIVE YOU CAN LOVE. WHEN YOU REFUSE TO FORGIVE YOU WILL HATE. Ask yourselves this question, who am I following when I refuse to forgive and hate? It is not I you are following but the father of all lies, the father of violence and hate, My adversary Satan. By following him you enter into his prison and then he will feed you full of his poison of hatred and revenge. You will become his plaything and you will do his bidding which will be acts of violence and destruction against your brothers and sisters. If you stay in his prison long enough you will deaden your conscience to the point where it will seem as though you have no conscience and then you will commit acts of horrific violence against your brothers and sisters. No violent act will be out of the range of possibilities for you. Satan will now own you and your life will become a living hell on earth to prepare you for the life in hell you will receive when you die.

It may seem harder and sometimes impossible to forgive but with My Help and guidance you can and will forgive. Nothing is impossible for your Jesus who LOVES you and wants nothing more than your happiness and your salvation. I cannot nor will I ever interfere with your free will. THE DECISION TO FORGIVE OR NOT TO FORGIVE IS ALWAYS IN YOUR HANDS. Your SAVIOR JESUS CHRIST in My INFINITE MERCY has warned you of the consequences of making the wrong decision. Besides accepting Me as Your Savior the decisions to forgive are some of the most important decisions you will ever make. Why? Because the willingness to forgive shows the LOVE you have in your heart for your Savior. Love leads to mercy which leads to forgiveness which leads to Me. Remember the measure you use on your brother or sister will be the one I will use on you. If you will not forgive then neither will I forgive you. The more and greater your forgiveness the GREATER MY MERCY TOWARD YOU. AS YOU FORGIVE SO SHALL YOU SHALL BE FORGIVEN!!!


Forgiveness allows you to practice love and mercy in its highest forms toward
your bothers and sisters.

Forgiveness leads to your freedom from Satan's prison cell.

Forgiveness causes a celebration in heaven with the angels singing 
about the wonder of forgiveness.

Forgiveness leads to the Cross of your Savior and it is there that your sins have
 been forgiven.

Forgiveness cause the demons to wail in pain and suffering as it causes
much destruction to their kingdom.

Forgiveness leads you to your path to your salvation.

Forgiveness leads to your happiness.

Forgiveness allows your Eternal Father in heaven to embrace you in His Arms.

Forgiveness is one of the most powerful forms of Mercy!!!

Forgiveness is your key to unlock GOD'S LOVE for you!!! 

Forgiveness is one of the most powerful forms of Love!!!