Message from Jesus to Littlest of Servants

By Miscellaneous Messages

August 21, 2015

While in Church during Mass Jesus told me to listen intently to the Gospel reading by the priest. The passage was the one on the two greatest commandments which are to Love God with all your heart, mind, and soul and Love your neighbor as yourself for the Love of God. I knew what Jesus had previous told me that to practice Love of neighbor you must practice mercy and forgiveness. I thought it was wonderful because He was reminding me to practice these three things and besides I was having a rough time doing this especially with people who had really done something to me that had a big negative impact on me.

Then as adoration started after Mass, I saw Jesus being nailed to the Cross. I saw the Roman soldier nailing His Hand to the Cross. As I continued to look I saw that the Roman soldier was me and I saw on the hammer I was holding one of the sins I had committed. As I swung the hammer down on the nail driving into the Hand of Jesus, I looked at Jesus and I could see He was in tremendous pain and His Lips were quivering, and I heard Him say the words, "FORGIVE HIM FATHER FOR HE KNOWS NOT WHAT HE DOES". I looked back at the hammer in my hand and I saw another of the sins I had committed and I struck the nail again driving it deeper into the Hand of Jesus. I heard Him cry out in pain and I looked at Him and again I heard Him repeat what He had just said to His Father. By this time I was not only crying I was starting to sob telling Jesus how sorry I was. But it did not stop. I looked back at the hammer and it again had another sin I had committed and again I hit the nail driving into the hand of Jesus but this time blood started spraying out all over the place and again Jesus cried out in pain and again repeated the words to His Father. I looked back at the hammer and again it had another sin I had committed on it and I did not want to strike the nail into the Hand of Jesus but I could not help myself. By this time I was saying over and over and over again Jesus I am so sorry for my sins, Jesus I am so sorry for my sins, Jesus I am so sorry for my sins. The vision then stopped and Jesus reminded me that as I forgive so shall I be forgiven. That LOVE, MERCY, AND FORGIVENESS ARE ALL STRANDS OF THE SAME ROPE OF SALVATION. Failure to practice one of these these three virtues cuts one of the strands of the rope of salvation and weakens it. That failure to practice all three of these virtues means that you completely cut the rope of salvation.

Jesus then reminded me of what His Mother had said to a visionary from the Ukraine, Josyp Terelya, when she rescued him from certain death at the hands of the Russian communists. They had put him in a prison cell that was refrigerated and dropped it to 70 below zero. Josyp prepared for death as he started to freeze to death, but as he laid down on his bunk he felt heat and he looked up and saw Our Lady. Josyp now knew he would be saved and Our Lady spoke to him. The first words she spoke to him, and these are the words Jesus wanted me to remember were,"FORGIVE EVERYONE FOR EVERYTHING AND PRAY FOR THE CONVERSION OF RUSSIA". I told Jesus I remembered and He then told me that WE MUST PRACTICE THIS. THAT HE WOULD BE THERE TO HELP US DO IT. THAT WE MUST NOT TRY TO GET OUT OF PRACTICING IT!!!

When you practice these three virtues you cause great pain for Satan and his demons. When you LOVE, when you practice MERCY, when you practice FORGIVENESS, Satan and demons howl in great pain and heaven rejoices. Because the practice of these three virtues destroys Satan's plans of spreading hate, violence, death, and destruction and instead HEALING, REPENTANCE, and PEACE are spread.

Never condemn the sinner, as we all are sinners who participated in the CRUCIFIXION OF JESUS CHRIST, but condemn their sins and the pray for their conversion and salvation asking JESUS CHRIST TO HAVE MERCY ON THEM AND TO CONVERT THEM.