Message from Our Lady of the Sierras

By Miscellaneous Messages

December 19th, 2014

Our Lady Speaks

(Commentary) Again this year with the participating attendance of seven Priests, seven Deacons and approximately 450 visitors Our Lady appeared to the Visionary, Pat. At the time of starting the Rosary, unknowingly to most of attendees, Our Lady was praying with us. This was later revealed by Her to Pat. If Our Lady speaks it is usually given during Memorare. The public alert notice bell always rings when Our Lady begins speaking. Generally at that time Pat has already rested in the spirit. It was during this verbal communication Our Lady specified the purpose of Her actual presence with us as we all began praying the rosary. There were persons who actually were aware of Her presence during the praying of the rosary. As She wanted all of us to pray together that evening, She purposely did not make Her presence known until the Litany. Had the bell been rung as we began the rosary, all would have ceased praying and awaited Her message. It was obviously Her intent that the evening progressed as She desired, and so it did. In the prayer room with five priests in attendance the following message was given and recorded:

“My Dear Children, I come to you this night as a most compassionate Mother … one who longs to hold Her children close to Her heart. I wish you to know tonight I prayed with you and for you. I prayed, My children, that your prayers might rise sweetly before the throne of God. So many of you are in such grave need both physically and spiritually for a world full of errors and deceit has swept through and engulfed you My children, into ways which you could not imagine. But, My dear ones, I am here to help you to find that path back to Jesus for He awaits you with such love and tenderness. 

You were sent into a world to find peace where there is no peace. You were sent to love, but this world does not understand a selfless serving love …. a love that God intends for His children. Tonight, My dear ones, we shall begin to restore that which has been broken. We shall pray together. You see Me as a Mother whose arms are outstretched to embrace Her children. Come, My children ,…. come without fear. Come and understand that where God exists … there is no room for anything to disturb your peace. Trust Him …. allow Him to heal you. Allow Him to restore you.

What do you say, My children, to those who say to you … “where is the refuge …where is the refuge in this world ….. where do we run …. where do we hide?” You tell them there are three places of refuge ….The Sacred Heart of Jesus ….. His Holy, Divine Cross, and the Immaculate Heart of Mary.”

(Vision - Pat) Our Mother stands against a well lit sky with a rosary in Her hands … very large, and as She prays … the beads light as though they were stars themselves. She prays the Creed, the Our Father, and the Glory Be … and allows us to pray for our Mother each Hail Mary. As the rosary ended, She took Her rosary and placed it around the world and began to draw the world to Her Immaculate Heart. Such love from a Mother … Such love from a Son. (sigh) … My heart would burst if you did not hold me."



The homily of the 12-19-2014 OLS Christmas Mass

Our Pastors beautiful Homily spoken during the evenings Mass gives spiritual guidance to the message.

As Catholics, we know that no new revelation can be given, nor need be! We have the fullness of Revelation in the Sacred Scripture and the Sacred Tradition of the Church, and nothing can be added to the Deposit of Faith! However, it is always possible and even necessary to grow in our understanding of these timeless truths. The old truths can become new for us, experienced in a new way, with deeper understanding. And that is why it is important to listen to the message that comes to us this evening as a gift!

Let me share then with you some of the message that was received this evening. It will be transcribed and printed later. Among the things which the Blessed Mother said through the visionary are: “My dear children, I am your most compassionate Mother, who longs to hold you close to Her heart. I have prayed for you tonight … I know that you are present with such grave needs … physical and spiritual.
There are many errors and deceits in the world …Where do you find help? Where do you find refuge? You find it in the Heart of Jesus who has such love and tenderness. God has sent peace into the world that knows no peace. He has sent love into a world that doesn’t understand what love is …. the selfless serving love which is the love of God. Our Lady said tonight "we shall begin to restore that which is broken". Come, My children, without fear and understand that nothing can destroy your peace. Those in the world say “where is the refuge, where can we run and hide?” Tell them that there are three places …. The Sacred Heart of Jesus, His Holy Divine Cross, and the Immaculate Heart of Mary. Tell them that your Mother stands with outstretched arms."

Then the visionary saw Our Lady standing against a well lit sky with an immense large rosary. The beads lit up like stars in the sky as each prayer was prayed. She saw and heard our Lady pray the Creed, the Our Father, and the Gloria, and that She allowed us to pray the Hail Mary. This is just what St. Bernadette experienced at Lourdes when she saw the Blessed Mother pray the rosary. Our Lady would pray only the Creed, the Our Father and the Gloria. She 'allows us to pray the Ave Maria'. She herself will not pray it because She magnifies the Lord. The visionary then saw Her take the rosary…. place it around the world and draw the world to herself. The visionary then shared these words: …"such love from a Mother….. such love from a Son."

Again these are very rough notes but I wanted to share with you tonight, briefly, some of what was said … what was shared … because it was spoken to you. It was not all that was said. (Again you can expect once the transcription is made you will be able to read the whole thing for yourself and maybe clarify some of what I have shared with you.)

There is one phrase that I want to just share with you a little more about: She said: "tonight we begin to restore that which is broken". All of us are broken. Every single one of us is broken. We live in a broken, fallen world. The world is physically broken; it even has tectonic plates! And each one of us is broken. You have sharp edges. You use sharp words. You cut people off. The brokenness is inside of us, and the brokenness is between us, and the brokenness is between us and God. Tonight, we begin to restore that which is broken. Whatever is broken within you, whatever is broken between you and whatever is broken between you and your God. Your God has wounds in his hands because he is always working with broken lives. That’s the sign of his love for you. He will restore that which is broken. Listen to our Mother’s invitation. Come! Whatever is broken within you, whatever is broken between you and others, whatever is broken between you and God. Let Him restore what is broken.”

( Comment) It was a dark night and pilgrims reported various unusual celestial events in the skies.)