Message from Our Lady to Patsy Soto

By Miscellaneous Messages

April 30, 2015

Praise be to My Son Your Jesus of Mercy for Jesus is Lord! Saviour! Redeemer! Reconciliator of ALL NATIONS! I am here with you my little one, I your Mother of Mercy, thank you for opening your heart to our call. First my child it is with great love that I thank you and my beloved Consecrated Priest son and my children who attended these past days of loving prayer during My Sons three Novenas For World Peace. The love shown to my Crucified Son not only soothed His Most Wounded Sacred Heart, but brought many Graces of My Son upon this saddened misguided world. The children of this world do not see the evil plight they succomed themselves to, for the attrocities they are indulging in which draws them away from the Almighty and only brings upon thus world severe and dire conseqences for their actions. But for the love, willingness and surrendering of your wills to My Son Graces without measure are showered upon your families and each of you are placed under my loving mantle of protection. Please look into My Sons Most wounded Sacred Heart, His Desire to Honor Me your Mother and Mother of your Redeemer, in this His Novena for World Peace Eucharistic Pilgrimage where you will attend the Most Holy Sacrament of the Mass, not only once daily but Twice the GREATEST MIRACLE and Prayer given you, also Eucharistic Adoration, Benediction daily with a precious dedicated and Holy Priest son, whom has specially been chosen for My Sons' Ministry, as your Spiritual Director. Yes I know and Understand the sacrifices you will make to accomplish My Son's invitation, but please realize the URGENT Graces which are desperately needed in this world! These days of prayers and sacrifices will bring you a joy and a peace not of this world but more important will save the many lost souls of this world! It will MITIGATE CRISIS ('S) you can't Imagine NOR CONTIMPLATE! If I were to say that I the Mother of your Jesus Crucified would appear to you each day of these NOVENAS', would you even make the sacrifice to attend? And yet MY SON YOUR JESUS WHO DIED FOR YOU COMES ALIVE AT EACH SACRIFICE OF THE HOLY MASS, YET HOW FEW ATTEND! Oh My children open your hearts to our Plea not for our sake but for yours in REPARATION FOR ALL THE OUTRAGES, ATTROCITIES AND SINS, BEING COMMITED AGAINST MY SON'S MOST WOUNDED SACRED HEART! My promise to each of you who make this sacrifice to attend this novena Eucharistic Pilgrimage in my Honor, Your Mother of the Americas, I will place in your heart a Special Rose picked fom the Heavenly Garden above just as those My little St. Juan Diego picked for My Tilma. My beloved Priest son with the Consecrated hands, speaks of the Tilma as the exterior expression of the innermost identity of the person, the belief of the Indian cultures of that time, and My promise to you of imprinting, AND indwelling in each of your hearts, this rose from above. Your heart, which is your Tilma and your innermost identity, where I will engrave My miraculous image of My love upon your heart to enhance your love for My Son and draw you even closer to the FATHER, the SON and the HOLY SPIRIT, WHO WILL ENFLAME you WITH THEIR LOVE! The original Image hanging in the Bassilica of Our Lady Of Gudalupe, is not a representation but is a True Image of I your Beloved Mother of your Redeemer just as my love will not be a representation but a True Love United til the end of time As the Tilma will remain til the end of time! I love you each My children. Your Mother of the Americas, Your Madonna of Love and Mercy


The Real Significance of Juan Diego's Tilma

The faithful cannot conceive of Our Lady of Guadalupe without St. Juan Diego's tilma. Because of this tilma she has been present to us for centuries. Msgr. Virgilio Elizondo explains, "In the Indian cultures of that time, the tilma was the exterior expression of the innermost identity of the person. By being visible on Juan Diego's tilma, Mary became imprinted in the deepest recesses of his heart -- and in the hearts of all who come to her." Our Lady of Guadalupe is not simply an image on the tilma, as miraculous as this is. She has become part her children's innermost identity.


"A Great Sign was seen in Heaven: a woman clothed with the sun, and the moon under her feet and on her head a crown of twelve stars" (Revelation 12:1).

It is with great love that I approve this most recent message from the Holy Mother of God. Yes, my brothers and sisters in Christ, we are asked to sacrifice much. How many times do we sacrifice for worldly things only to be disappointed. Our Jesus of Mercy never disappoints. He will never be outdone.

When we sacrifice let us also consider the abundant blessings and graces we will receive from: two Holy Masses a day, along with adoration and benediction. In addition our sacrifices are needed for a world that is oriented toward selfishness and not selflessness.

For those of us who will make this Holy Pilgrimage, we have the wonderful honor of making reparation for the sins committed against the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus.

Furthermore, Our Lady of Guadalupe, The Mother of the Americas, promises something very special to all of us. This promise will enhance our love for The Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit.

I urge you all to please say yes to Our Mother's invitation and she will lead us from this life to eternal life.

Sincerely in Our Jesus of Mercy and Our Lady of Guadalupe,
Fr. Sal