The Time of Grace is Over

By Miscellaneous Messages

May 30, 2019


Dear Readers
As you already know I have received ( 2 ) messages this year. One from God the Father the other message from the Virgin Mary. In 2013 the Lord Jesus said that He will not  be coming to me as much because things are starting to unfold.  I will not go into details of every single one.
At the end of my conversation with Jesus in 2013 He told me that when the tribulation gets close that He will come to me more and return to me. I have had ( 2 ) messages so far this year as I have spoke. And if you had read these messages my brothers and sisters they are more urgent in these times of confusion in preparing for the tribulation. 
I have also received one at the end of 2018 about the outcome of the mid-term election if people voted the wrong way.  And, the Lord warned me what would happen if the democrats got into office. And that we would need to pray awful hard in determining the results of the election.  
Fortunately the democrats didn't get in. And, the democrats are passing unheard of abortion law. I believe the time is getting close in that... in these next few years are going to be rough. I believe that wheter Trump is in or not that many things in that the new world order will cease to retreat is unfolding. And, we must be ready.
Like the Lord said the government would become more opressive to religious freedom. In the state of California the govenment is trying to break the seal of confession.  What this means is that if someone confesses that they committed murder the priest must go and tell the authority. Because if he doesn't do this the prist will be locked up in jail. 
The signs are already there. The government wishes to move God out. We must ready ourselves to defend religious freedom.
Another thing that is unfolding. Back in 2008  the Lord showed me a vision of  soldiers training. He warned me this was not for training an army and that Russia and Iran will bring forces and cause war upon Israel and chaos throughout the world. 
He told me when you see these things happen know that the great warning is coming. As many of you know that is the illumination of corruption when God speaks of the great warning.  
And, also there is a great chisem within the church. I had not spoken openly about how I felt recently about church affairs.  I believe that we are going to see the church split between the Cardinals against liberals. More so than we see now. 
And like the Blessed Mother said on the message of April 11th we can not be discouraged. Do not put ourselves on governmental protection. You will be fine.   
My brothers and sisters please pray for me because I have been under attack by the evil one. I am just human. I may have visions. Hear the voice of God and Jesus but I suffer with weaknesses just like everyone else. 
I want you to pray that, I can live the gospel better. In my own way we need to pray for each other that we can be better and live better and this feeling is very strong right now to pray over many souls.
And we must pray for each other so that we can conquer the temptation of satan.  When you do that... that is when we'll be ready for the tribulation. We must pray for each other and than we can fetch away each other in the tribulation. 
Thank you my brothers and sisters please prepare yourself and be thankful for the time of peace that we do have. Its a little stormy right now. There is unrest in the world right now but, if you had read my prophecy you know that the days are going to get darker.  
The time of grace is over. The Lord has been patient with us awaiting for our conversion. The hour is being delayed where the piece of the world will be disturbed if we do not pray. But, my brothers and sisters you must understand that the things that are going on in the world right now is also part of the Lords plan.
Leave it up to his warning of Mercy and also to his 2nd coming.  When the warning comes you will know its close to the 2nd coming. I know this because the Lord told me this. The reason why I have not put all these messages on the website is because I've had trouble locating some of my old notebooks. 
I myself cannot hand write so I have to have people scribe the messages for me so, I am just quoting what I remember. 
We must pray that we ourselves are ready for this time of darkness and go to confession as much as we can. And, prepare ourselves spiritually as well as physically. Because, I believe that the time of chaos is coming. 
I feel it. Not just because I've received ( 2 ) messages. It is because the Spirit has guided me to write so much towards the end of 2018 and of all of this year.   
My brothers and sisters pray... pray that you can be heard.