Message from Jesus to John Mariani

By Miscellaneous Messages

October 7, 2019

You are about to enter into an era of Tribulation

Dear Readers

I received a message on October 7th (2019). It was the Feast of the Holy Rosary. I decided to go up to the Hill where many of the apparitions took place when I was younger. After I was done saying the Rosary I called upon Jesus and told him that I was concerned about the current confusion in the church.

I have been cautious about this Pope in the Vatican for a few years now. And I was worried about the priests just following the Papency and not discerning for themselves.

This is what Jesus said to me. These are his words.

"John don't worry about the Schism you have to understand that this is my will. The current confusion in the Church is preparing the way for the Great Warning and also for my 2nd coming. You must pray and continue to educate about the faith. He also said you are about to enter into an era of Tribulation. This is the hour where things will start to unfold."

He will continue this vision of the Church and said "My child I am using you as the light to educate people about the true faith. I gave you messages when you were younger preparing you for these times. And now you are doing my will as I intended. Do not worry. This is part of my plan."

Pray for the priests and the church so they may discern the truth.  The warning is very close and things in the world will continue to get darker. Lift your heads up high because soon the warning will be upon you.
John Mariani had surgery for a broken leg (Tibia Bone). They had to put in a stainless steel Rod to keep his leg together. He will be going to a Rehab Hospital.   John is asking for everyone to pray for him. Please pray for John.