Message to Angela from the Blessed Mother

By Our Lady of Zaro

August 8, 2015

This evening I saw [Our] Mother all dressed all in pink (pinkish), her cloak was immense and green; the edges of her dress were being held by many angels. Our Mother had bare feet resting on the world, a crown of twelve stars on her hand, and in her hands was a long Holy Rosary made of light; it shone and gave off rays of light that struck some of those present. "These are the graces that I am giving you today. " Mother was sad and her face was very concerned.

May Jesus Christ be praised


"Dear children, thank you for having responded once more in large numbers to this call of mine.

My most beloved children, if I am among you once more it is because I love you and want to save you.

My children, once again I tell you not to follow the false beauties proposed to you: they will disappear sooner or later. Children, evil is hiding behind them.

My children, this evening I again come to beg for prayer; prayer for my beloved Church - hard times await you and you are [already] living through hard times but you do not fear, I am beside you just like a caring and loving mother towards her own children.

Dearly beloved little children, pray much for the local church, pray for all those of my sons of predilection* who by their behavior are distancing the people of God from the Father's house.

My children, it is not enough only to fill the church on special occasions or numerically: the churches should be full of souls who ask for forgiveness, confess and invoke God's mercy. My son is thirsting for souls.

Pray and invoke mercy not only for yourselves but for all humanity. Children, it is no use to God if you fill your mouth with beautiful words and continue to have a closed heart towards your neighbour.

Dearly beloved children, I love you and keep my hand on your head, indicating the right path for you; it is you who do not follow me and prefer other roads. Children, the road that leads to my Son is long and winding, do not be fooled; my children, do not fear, love those who hurt you and be ready to turn the other cheek. Please stop crucifying my Son and making him suffer.

Please repent!

I am not here to frighten you but to save you. Now I bless you all. In the Name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit." Amen.