They have rejected the God who IS…

By Pelianito Journal

August 16, 2015

Mark 7:8 (Jesus said to the Pharisees and scribes) “You abandon the commandment of God and hold to human tradition.”


“My child, much reparation is owed me for the great and many sins of the age. For they have rejected the God who IS, and deified their own specious* pronouncements! How much longer must I put up with this generation? The foul stench emanating from them threatens to obliterate the glorious incense of the prayers of my faithful little ones. But do not be alarmed at this, for in the Divine Will, even one little soul at prayer is enough to drown the stench completely. Is this amazing to you? It is not amazing to me! For in my Divine Will all things become possible. Do you believe this?”


Yes Lord! I believe!

“Then become the humblest instrument of my will that you can be. You must decrease so that I may increase in you. Become completely docile to the Divine Will until you, like Luisa—beloved Little Daughter of the Divine Will—become completely fused in It. In this way, one little soul becomes an invincible army! Do not delay your journey into the Divine Will. Long for it with prayers, sighs, and supplications. Learn it, teach it, light the Divine Fire that burns you up like incense. My children this grace is for you, for everyone. Long for it!”

O my beloved Trinity, my merciful Father, Son, and Spirit, I beg for this grace, the grace of union with the Divine Will. Melt me, mold me, annihilate me so that only you exist in me. Burn away in me all resistance. You do it Lord, for I am too weak. Fuse me into your will. Blessed Mother and Luisa, obtain for me this grace by your merits and through your continuous and everlasting Fiat! Amen.

(*I love this word, specious. It means “superficially plausible, but actually wrong.” I had to look it up, and was delighted to find how perfect it was in this application.)