The work of rebuilding must begin now…

By Pelianito Journal

February 10, 2015

Nehemiah 2:17 Come, let us rebuild the wall of Jerusalem, so that we may no longer suffer disgrace.

“My children, now is the time for the rebuilding to begin. Yes there is much more to come, and much more must be torn down, but the work of rebuilding must begin now. Just as an architect must work hard before the first stone is laid, so too must you lay the groundwork of prayer so that what is built is firm, the materials strong. What you see now crumbling is what was hastily put up. Everything rooted in me endures, even if for a time it is not visible or evident. My children, you have a crucial role in the building up of the Church. Take time to pray, to adore, to fast, so that what will be built will give the most glory to God. My little ones, I am counting on you. Nothing is too small to be offered. Give me everything, wrapped in the Flame of Love and you will see miracles!”

Heavenly Father in the Divine Will I go back and re-do all I have ever done so that you may be glorified in all the acts of my life. I wrap this offering in the Flame of Love so that your kingdom may come and your Church may be rebuilt as an impregnable fortress, mighty, pure, and holy. Jesus in Mary I trust in you. Use me as you wish to accomplish your designs upon the world. Amen.