An image of the unfathomable Divine Mercy…

By Pelianito Journal

May 5, 2015

At contemplative prayer before the Blessed Sacrament I was given the following image. I was with the Lord on a boat which floated in the middle of the Ocean of Divine Mercy. I felt he wanted me to throw overboard each sinner on the boat and that a weight was tied to each of them corresponding to the weight of their sins. As I threw the first person over, I could see that the farther he sank in the Ocean, the more the weight of his sin was dissolved. Not only that, but the soul was literally drowned by the mercy of God, so that it infused every pore of his being and the soul became mercy! At one point the weight was completely dissolved and soul began to rise again. Having been transformed into mercy, he shot to the surface like a beach ball that has been held underwater and sailed into the air. It seemed to me that the deeper the soul had gone due to the weight of its sin, the higher it flew once freed.

This image has given me great hope. Like a mother bird tossing the fledglings from the nest, let us immerse all those in our spiritual territory in the Ocean of Mercy.

Lord Jesus, how great and unfathomable is your mercy! In the Divine Will, give us souls to toss into the bottomless depths of your mercy, that all souls will be able and willing to glorify your holy Name. Praise you Jesus! Thank you Jesus! Jesus we trust in you! Save souls!