Do Not Let Your Faith Falter

By Shelley Anna

July 21, 2021

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Holy Trinity Channel

A Message From The Lord

Jesus says.
Remain true to my traditions. Do not be deceived by false doctrines. Darkness corrupts the church in eclipse. Remain true to me and let not your faith falter. Separate yourselves from those who do not teach the truth. Come to me, that I may shelter you from the harshness of this world. Remain hidden within my Sacred Heart. Thus saith the Lord.

A Message From Our Blessed Mother

Our Blessed Mother says.
Allow my Rosary of light to guide you; through the narrow way. So that you will not be lost in the darkness. A counterfeit church rises. The son of perdition will soon appear from the shadows. Pray my rosary. Allow the Holy Spirit to enlighten your hearts and renew your minds, establishing your faith in my Son. Let your prayers be without ceasing , for the conversion of sinners, and the persecuted church. Remember always my promises. Hope, Faith, and Love, will triumph; in the Holy Hearts; of my Son and I. Thus saith your loving Mother.