Another Plague is Coming

By Shelley Anna

August 5, 2021

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Holy Trinity Channel

A new variant has been announced, on this day.

Jesus says:
Another plague is coming. And the Angel of Death will pass over. Those who reside in my Heart , will be protected, from the darkness of these days. Make ready your hearts, keeping them under my cleansing fount of mercy. Enter in, for the hour is late. Thus saith the Lord.

The Hour is late. Jesus leads me beside still waters. And he says:
Yes , I hear your prayers, and I have granted them.

Jesus says:
For those who have ears to hear, listen, for the hour is late. Wake up, and prepare your hearts for my return. Continue to let my light shine through you, to lead lost souls out of darkness. Hide yourselves in my presence . For I am your sanctuary. I will protect you . My angels stand guard. Pray , and repent. My fount of mercy still flows. Thus saith the Lord.