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By Shelley Anna

July 11 thru August 24, 2021

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Holy Trinity Channel

July 26,2021.

Jesus says.
Soon I will come for my bride, and take her out of this valley of tears. I will wipe the tears from her eyes . All memory of sorrow will be erased from her mind, and she will spend eternity with me, showered in light and love. Thus saith the Lord.

Beloved, I wait patiently, for surrendering hearts. Do not doubt any longer. For the hour is late, and soon the door will be shut. Many, will cry out . “ Let me in!” And there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth, in the outer darkness. Take heed to my call, and listen. Take refuge in me. Events are now in alinement, as the hour approaches. Never let go of my hand. I am your stronghold. Thus saith the Lord.

Jesus continues, and he says.
I will always hold you and I will carry you over the threshold, my bride. Because you have not lost faith in me. Thus saith the Lord.

July 11,2020.

I see Father’s watchful eyes upon the earth. And upon each and every heart.

Jesus says. All that is seen, and unseen, visible, and invisible, is seen by Father God. When I come, my light will expos all that is done in darkness. Your heart will lay bare before me, your sins will be before you. Many will try to hide, and there hearts will faint with fear. Fear not. Come under my fount of mercy while it still flows. Repent. This will lesson the severity, of the illumination of conscience, so you will not be faint at heart. Enter into my presence now, and I will bring to mind your forgotten sins. That you need to repent of. Come into my embrace, and experience the depth of my love. Time is running out. Every moment is a mercy, an opportunity for repentance. Thus saith the Lord.

July 28,2021

Our Blessed Mother says.
My children, after the warning, many will be enlightened, as my Son’s mercy and salvation, rest upon them. Prepare, for the work will be great, and the workers will be few.
Confession will be heard day and night, as my Son’s mercy will be poured out, washing over every heart.
My Son’s word will be preached throughout the world, and then the end will come.
Continue to press forward into my Son’s presence, contemplating his ways. Listen to the instruction of the Holy Spirit. And be obedient to my Son’s call, to be his instruments , which he may minister through. Pray my Rosary, and let it be your guiding light through these days of darkness.
Meditate upon the mysteries of my Son. Pondering them in your hearts as I do. Allow my Son to mold your hearts into vessels of love, that may be poured out upon those in need. Be vigilant, my children. Let not your lamps die out. Watch, and let your prayers be without ceasing. Thus saith your loving Mother.

August 10,2021

Jesus says.
Spiritual blindness dominates the hearts of many. Materialism and greed will be there downfall. Store up treasures in heaven. The things of this world are passing away. Secure your eternity by surrendering your hearts completely to me.

Philippians 3:20
For our citizenship is in heaven, from where we also wait for a Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ.

August 11,2021.

Jesus says.
The time of my mercy is drawing to a close. Only moments of my mercy remain. Stay in my presence, dwelling in my heart. Stay in prayerful communion with me, repenting of your sins, and seeking out, my mercy . Continue to receive me in Holy Communion, that I may sustain your souls. Nations in conflict intensify as stars continue to fall. The hour draws near as the heavens grow dim. The earth will crack releasing poisonous gases. I am your only safe refuge, during the tribulation of these days. Place your trust in me and let not, your faith falter. Thus saith the Lord.

August 12,2021.

Jesus says.
Make ready your hearts, for my imminent return. For an unknown hour draws near. There is little time left.
The order of events have been preordained since the beginning of time, by Father God, maker of Heaven and Earth. The stars will continue to fall as the heavens above are rolled up. Unprepared hearts will faint with fear looking after these things. Father’s Grace and Mercy extends over the faithful, protecting them from his wrath, that continues to be poured out , upon the wicked , who continue to shed innocent blood. Making way for the son of perdition and his mark, ushering in his reign of darkness. Have I not warned you of these things? Turn back to me now, while my fount of mercy still flows, till the very end. Thus saith the Lord.

August 21,2021.

Jesus says.
I am your safe refuge. Lay to rest all doubts you have about me, trusting in my promises. Fear and doubt come from the wicked one, who offers what isn’t his. In order to in slave you. Stay in constant communion with me in prayer so the evil one can not lure you away by temptation. Watch and pray . For the darkest hour approaches bringing forth thick darkness that will be felt. Remain hidden in my Sacred Heart under the mantle of my Mother. Thus saith the Lord.

Our Blessed Mother says.
My mantle is outstretched over you, and my heart overflows with graces, attained for you. Continue to pray my rosary of light, where my Son is revealed. Ponder him in your hearts as I do. Listen, my children . The fallen one comes to steal, kill, and destroy your souls. Do not wonder outside the boundaries of the Holy Hearts. Stay within the realm of protection that my Son provides. Let your safe dwelling be within our hearts where grace and mercy flow. Remember always my promises and let your prayers be without ceasing. Thus saith your loving Mother.

Aug 24, 2021

Our Blessed Mother says.
In the darkness ,my Son’s Mercy shines brightly, upon all who call out to him. My children , the signs of the times will continue intensifying, as the hour of my Son’s return draws closer. Let your prayers be without ceasing for the conversion of sinners, that my Son’s Rays of Mercy will rest upon them. There is a moment of mercy reserved for each repentant soul. This is a time of great purification. Do not hesitate to respond to my Son’s call to repentance. Remember always my promises, and let your prayers be without ceasing. Thus saith your loving Mother.