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By Shelley Anna

November 4 thru November 13, 2021

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Holy Trinity Channel

November 4, 2021

Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior Elohim says.

It has begun the time of trials will intensify. You will be persecuted for my names sake. Your faith will be tested.
Draw your strength from me through Holy Communion to stand strong during the tribulation of these days.
Trust in me for your provisions as food shortages worsen. Meditate upon my wounds and cleanse your hearts through daily repentance.

The elements continue to be affected by the disturbances in the heavens as debris continue to fall down upon the earth as a rain of fire.
Cataclysmic events are unfolding before your very eyes but so many re fuse to see because darkness reigns in their hearts and dominates their thoughts.
These alliances of tyranny will enforce communism upon your governments as satan's grip tightens.
Stand courageous in me where darkness cannot exist.
The brightness of my Sacred Heart will triumph over all darkness exposing and eradicating it upon my return.
I have not abandoned you.
I love you and wish that none should perish but have life eternal. Come under my fount of mercy that is poured out for all.
Thus saith the Lord.

Our Blessed Mother says.

My children there is a darkness that looms over the atmosphere darkening the thoughts of many who are manipulated by evils influence. Only through prayer and penance can this evil be driven away.
Stay within the boundaries of protection that the Holy Hearts of my Son and I provide where blessings of grace and mercy flow.
Pray many rosaries for the conversion of sinners pray for your country and pray for the persecuted church.
Having responded to my call all promises of my Rosary will be applied to you.
My children let your prayers be without ceasing being always watchful.
Thus saith your loving Mother.

As the feathers of wings overshadow me I hear Saint Michael the Archangel say.

People of God pray for all countries and for all peoples.
Dark forces advance through these alliances of tyranny that have risen up. The one world order will come through communism. Restrictions and lockdowns will be enforced by martial law. Persecutions will intensify against the remnant of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
The elements continue to be affected greatly by the sun and the moon that are out of balance. The sun darkens as solar flares continue to burst forth from its surface.
People of God prepare for this darkness that is to come.
Make ready your hearts through daily repentance.
Being always aware of your sinful nature that makes you vulnerable to temptations.
Stay in constant communion with our Lord through prayer so that you will be strengthened during these trials of testing.
I stand ready with multitudes of angels to defend you from the wickedness and snares of the devil who’s time is short.




November 12, 2021

Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior Elohim says.

Now is the time for my light bearers to spread my gospel. After the warning there will be many souls seeking answers. Come my bearers of light partake of my strength and receive my graces that you may be a beacon of light and minister to these souls.

Prepare your provisions trusting in me for your needs as a bitter cold settles. Sea levels rise as currents change in direction. All elements are affected by the sun and the moon that now oppose there natural behavior. They will soon fail to bring forth their light.
Now is the time to stay connected to me through your unceasing prayers.
Unprepared hearts will faint with fear looking after these things. I love you and wish that none should perish but have life eternal with me in paradise.
Thus saith the Lord.

November 13, 2021

Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior Elohim says.

You are entering into the eye of the storm. A momentary stillness where my mercy will be poured out upon all repentant hearts after my warning.
I call you to repentance and holiness. Separate yourselves from the wickedness of this world and come under my cleansing fount of mercy. There are but a few precious moments left. The final hour is close at hand and yet so many slumber clinging to a false hope that this world offers.
Circumstances will not improve because iniquity abounds and mans rebellion is great. Therefore my warning must first come to awaken those who slumber whose direction must be averted before it is to late. Repent and prepare your hearts.
Thus saith the Lord.

Our Blessed Mother says.

Dear daughter.
Many of my children are unprepared for the catastrophic events that are now unfolding. They refuse to listen ignoring all the signs that my Son spoke of in his gospel ( Matthew 24 )
It is most urgent to prepare your hearts now before my Son’s warning is upon you.
I give you my Rosary of Light to help you prepare by illuminating the path of righteousness where my Son awaits with open arms.
Enter in where you will find Safe Harbor within his most Sacred Heart.
My children remember always my promises and let your prayers be without ceasing.
Thus saith your loving Mother.

Our Lady continues and she says.

My faithful children I call you to prayer. My children pray for the faithless who’s souls are in peril. Pray for their conversion. Many rosaries must be prayed faithfully.
Thus saith your loving Mother.