The Stress of Nations Intensify

By Shelley Anna

November 30, 2021

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Holy Trinity Channel

November 30, 2021

Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior Elohim says.

For only the Humble of heart shall pass through the narrow way.
A great shaking will be felt as I awaken mankind.
Now is the time to decide where you will spend eternity.
My time of Mercy is drawing to a close.
Then there will be silence in the Heavens as chaos and darkness begin to reign on earth.
Portals have been opened unleashing unclean entities that will stir up strife and confusion.
Persecutions will come.
Children of light stand strong as beacons of light shining in the darkness with the light of my truth.
Thus saith the Lord.

A Message from our Blessed Mother
Our Blessed Mother says.

My beloved children Pray for the conversion of sinners a conversion out of darkness that humanity has fallen in to.
I give you my Rosary of Light to be your guide to salvation and to lead you out of darkness and direct your steps towards my Son Jesus Christ.
Do not be crippled by fear.
Do not abandon my Rosary of Light. Continue to let your prayers be without ceasing.
The chaos of nature continues to rage in reaction to the elements that oppose one another.
Pray my children pray my Rosary of Light. Let your prayers be without ceasing and remember always my promises. Thus saith your loving Mother.
Thus saith your loving Mother.

Jesus continues and he says.

Famines and pestilences continue to be released making the stress of nations intensify until they comply and submit to the one world order. Communism is taking control as freedoms are stripped away.
Darkness in men’s hearts increase. They follow after doctrines of demons.