This is Satan's Hour to Act

By Shelley Anna

July 15 and July 17, 2021

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Holy Trinity Channel

Message from the Lord. Given to Beloved Shelley Anna, visionary. July 17,2020.

I can see the number 7. I see store shelves empty. I hear the cries of the suffering. I now see Jesus. They cling to him.

Jesus says:

I hear there cries; I will come and deliver them out of suffering. I will gather you to myself. As long as you walk with me; you will fear no evil. This is Satans hour to act. Put on the whole armor of God. Let your faith in me ; shield your hearts from the firey darts of the enemy. Mens hearts grow cold as satans grip tightens. They have been deceived. They will do his bidding. Fear not; I come to deliver you out of darkness. Cling to me; your savior. Take hold of my hand; for the hour is late. I will never abandon you. I will never forsake you. Thus saith the Lord.

Messages from Heaven given to Beloved Shelley Anna, visionary. July 15,2021.

Jesus says.
Continue to minister to those seeking the truth. A beacon of light for those lost souls in the darkness. The time has come to take refuge, in my sacred heart. This is there hour to act. Be not fearful.
This is the time of the end. Surrender your hearts to me, trusting in my promises.
There will be a silence in the heavens , as time stands still. My mercy will be poured out as I minister to the repentant heart’s, in most need . Be watchful of the time, for at an unknown hour I will return to gather my elect. Consecrate yourselves and your homes . And you will be hidden from the corruption of darkness; that is spreading rapidly. I wait with open arms, enter into my embrace. Thus saith the Lord.

I see our Blessed Mother in sparkling white, holding her rosary.

Our Blessed Mother says.
This is my Son. Do whatever He tells you. And He will deliver you out of darkness. Enter into my circle of prayer; for the hour is late. Pray for God’s radiant light to shine down; and expel the darkness. Pray for the lost, that they may be found . Pray for the conversion of sinners. Pray my children, trust in my Son. For He will calm the storm. Thus saith your loving Mother.