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By Shelley Anna

October 2 thru November 1, 2021

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Holy Trinity Channel

October 2, 2021

Jesus Christ our Lord Elohim says.

The final days are upon you only moments remain. I stand at the threshold. The beast has been unleashed. He Dominates the thoughts of world leaders to bring about war. Disembodied spirits have been unleashed from hell to take possession of souls. Demonic forces are now very active. Put on the whole armor of God my faithful ones. Remain in my realm of protection within my Sacred Heart. For the days are evil and your faith is being tested. Fear not. Do not let your faith falter. I AM YOUR REDEMPTION. Thus saith the Lord.

Our Blessed Mother says.

The time has come. Pick up your spiritual weapons and lift up your prayers. Keep my Rosary of light with you at all times to ward off evil and keep darkness at bay. For it is a most powerful weapon against all vices. Let your thoughts be guarded within it’s mysteries. Be not fearful my children. YOU HAVE NOT BEEN ABANDONED.
Remain hidden within the Holy Hearts of my Son and I. Stay in constant communion with my Son. Do not be led astray for the days are evil.
Remember always my promises and let your prayers be without ceasing.
Thus saith your loving Mother.



October 15, 2021

Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior, Elohim says.

Satans grip tightens as his poisonous bite alters the DNA of the vulnerable. He wishes to destroy the image of God. My beloved ones, as his grip tightens restrictions worsen. Your freedoms are being stripped away. All appearances of normality are fading away. As the un holy trinity paves the way for the son of perdition and his mark.

Be not fearful looking after these things. My Beloved Ones, I have not abandoned you!
My words of warning are as thunder alerting you to the coming storm that is now upon you.
Now is the time to remain under my Divine Mercy with a humble and contrite heart to preserve your purity and retain life eternal with me in Zion where a place has been prepared and a seat reserved for you at my right hand.
Thus saith the Lord.



October 27, 2021

Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior, Elohim says.

My faithful ones I call you to purity of heart.
So many have strayed ;far away from me. Satan taunts you because you have stepped out of my boundary of protection making you vulnerable. Satans only desire is to eradicate the image of God from the earth
He wishes to extinguish the light within you. Oppression is heavy and weighs down upon you making you vulnerable to possession. So many are beginning to change because they are far from me. Satan has darkened their thoughts and hardens their hearts. Their consciences have been severed.
Repent and turn back to me. Commit yourselves through conversion and consecrate your hearts once more to the Holy Hearts of my Mother and I. Draw close to me and I will cover you with my Mercy and embrace you once again.
Thus saith the Lord.

Our Blessed Mother Queen of Heaven and Earth says.

My Son’s Mercy is rejected. I weep for mankind because rebellion reigns in their hearts. Respond to my Son’s call to purity. Recommit your hearts back to our Holy Hearts through conversion and consecration.
Outside my Son’s boundary of protection is only pain and suffering. Tormented souls suffer because Satan taunts them.
Return back to my Son with repentance in your hearts and he will cover you with his Mercy.
I give you my Rosary of Light so that you can be reconciled back to my Son through prayer and penance.
I point the way illuminating the path of salvation that can only be attained through my Son Jesus Christ.
Pray my Rosary of Light where my Son is revealed.
Pray my children. Pray without ceasing for the time of darkness intensifies greatly
because the son of perdition will soon be revealed.
My children remember always my promises and let your prayers be without ceasing.
Thus saith your loving Mother.

As the feathers of wings overshadow me I hear Saint Michael the Archangel say.

In the presence of your enemy’s you will not fear because your Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, King of Kings, reigns in your hearts.
Trust always in him and your faith will flourish.
People of God pray for all nations and for all peoples.
Pray for the conversion of vulnerable souls that slumber.
The restrainer will soon be taken out of the way.
People of God let your unceasing prayers ascend up to the throne of God where each one is heard and accounted for. I stand ready with multitudes of angels to defend you from the wickedness and snares of the devil.

Jesus continues and he says.

Turn back to me. For the hour is late. My faithful ones acknowledge your Guardian Angels they will lead the way to your safe refuge. Thus saith the Lord.



October 30, 2021

Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior, Elohim says.

Little flock bearers of my light. Continue to bring forth the light of my love and mercy to this darkened and depraved world. Be examples of holiness and a testimony of salvation for unbelievers. Acknowledge your Guardian Angels whom I instruct concerning your well-being. They will lead you to your safe refuge.
Stay in constant communion with me through prayer be attentive to the leading of my Holy Spirit. The hour is late prepare your hearts through daily repentance allowing my Mercy to wash over you.
The wicked ones deception spreads rapidly in these final days of tribulation because he knows his time is short. Keep vigil watching and praying at all times my beloved ones.
I love you and wish that none should perish but have life eternal. Thus saith the Lord.

I see our Blessed Mother’s mantle covering the earth as a darkness approaches.

Our Blessed Mother says.

My children I cover you with my mantle as my Son’s Mercy is applied to repentant hearts.
A covering of darkness descends a void blackness that can be felt.
My children prepare to enter into your safe refuge making ready your hearts through daily repentance.
Remain watchful and pray without ceasing.
Always acknowledge your Guardian Angels who will lead you to safety.
I give you my Rosary of Light, A most powerful weapon against all vices that will keep darkness at bay.
Remain in a state of grace through prayer and penance.
Respond to my Son’s call this day for the hour is late and his mercy is poured out for you.
My children remember always my promises and let your prayers be without ceasing.
Thus saith your loving Mother.



November 1, 2021

Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior, Elohim says.

Cataclysmic events are unfolding before your eyes.
So many re fuse to see clinging to a false hope believing the world will go back to the way it was.
All resemblances of normality are fading away as a one world order is being ushered in.
Currency will have no value as the mark is implemented. All technology will be used for evil purposes.
Civil unrest wars and rumors of wars famines and sicknesses will intensify as the final moments countdown to a dark era.

I call you to purity. Come out and be separate from this wicked and perverse generation that has succumbed to darkness. Respond to my call and I will deliver you. The sun and the moon will fail to bring forth their light as the Brightness of my sign shakes the heavens. Sea levels will continue to rise up upon your lands as the earth trembles. Have I not warned you of these things?
Take shelter in the safe refuge that only my Sacred Heart provides. Enter into the Holy Hearts of my Mother and I where grace and mercy flow. I love you and wish that none should perish. Step under my fount of mercy that is poured out for all. Thus saith the Lord.

A message from the Lord given to Beloved Shelley Anna visionary. On the 27th day of December 2020.

Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior Elohim says.

Do not let your faith falter.
Darkness and Tribulation comes as I break open the seals.
The hour is fast approaching. At the four corners of the earth my angels stand ready. Repent!
Come under my Fount of Mercy so that your garments will be without spot or blemish in Father God’s sight. Fear not. I will come to gather you unto myself.
Thus saith the Lord.