The Dark Kingdom of the Beast Has Been Erected

By Shelley Anna

September 30, 2021

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Holy Trinity Channel

September 30,2021

Jesus says.
My faithful ones, be watchful of the times, for that unknown hour of my return, is almost upon you . I call you to purity of heart. Sanctify. yourselves through repentance and come under my cleansing fount of mercy ,that is poured out for you . Only a pure heart can enter into Heaven. Hide yourselves within my Sacred Heart. The dark kingdom of the beast has been erected. The unholy trinity has been awakened and is very active in this perverse generation. Their plans are near completion, and the son of perdition will soon be revealed. Watch and pray.
I wish that none should perish but have life eternal. I am your salvation. My mercy is for all. Thus saith the Lord.

A Message From Our Blessed Mother

Our Blessed Mother says.
I call you to pray fervently ,for those who know not ,my Son.
Prayer in these final moments are vital. Draw close to my Son and I. This is evils hour to act. Remain hidden within the realm of protection that my Son’s Sacred Heart provides. Outside of it, is only misery and sorrow, and spiritual death. Each day grows darker, as this wicked generation prepares for the arrival of the antichrist. Who’s day’s are few in number. My Son’s triumphant victory is close at hand.
Keep my Rosary of Light with you, at all times, to ward off evil, and to direct your steps towards my Son. Pray my Rosary of Light, contemplating it’s mysteries, allowing each decade to draw you closer to my Son.
I point the way, to your salvation.
Remember always my promises, and let your prayers be without ceasing. Thus saith your loving Mother.