Demons are Manifesting out of the Realm of Darkness

By Shelley Anna

September 18, 2021

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Holy Trinity Channel

Message from Our Lord

I see Angels coming down, out of the sky.
Jesus says.
I will send forth my angels ,in your defense ,to guard over my faithful ones ,during these dark days ,of tribulation.
The demons wage war ,because they know there days ,are few in number.
They gain access to your souls ,through unrepentant sins.
Demons are manifesting ,out of the realm of darkness ,seeking whom they may devour.
Tormenting the weak ,and vulnerable.
Do not step outside my realm of protection, remain in the Holy Hearts ,of my Mother and I ,where grace and mercy flow .
Signs in the heavens intensify ,as they begin to roll up. Causing the earth to tremble and crack.
My beloved ones, make ready, your hearts. For the hour is late, and only moments remain. Come under my fount of mercy, that is poured out for you.
Thus saith the Lord.