Heavenly Disturbances Intensify

By Shelley Anna

October 5, 2021

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Holy Trinity Channel

Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior, Elohim says:

I call you to repentance as events are unfolding. Conflicts between nations are at a boiling point and will bring about war. Heavenly disturbances intensify. The earth’s atmosphere is being invaded by debris, that will become a rain of fire, falling from the skies. Because of Mans great rebellion a scourge of fire will rain down upon the earth. Have I not warned you of these things? Daily repentance is vital. Stay in constant communion with me confessing your sins. Come under my cleansing fount of mercy and be cleansed of all transgressions. For the hour is late and only moments of mercy remain. I love you, and wish that none should perish but have life eternal. My Mercy Is For All. Thus saith the Lord.

Our Blessed Mother says:

My merciful Son’s Heart bleeds out for you. My children remain faithful and true, rejecting the ways of this world that has fallen under condemnation. Pray, my children, for those who know not my son . My Son will soon come as the just judge. Children of light continue to mirror my Son’s image of love and mercy onto the world that is full of unbelief and darkness. Continue to pray my rosary of light without ceasing, remembering always my promises. Thus saith your loving Mother.