Mother's Mantle of Protection

By Shelley Anna

September 13, 2021

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Holy Trinity Channel

I see Our Blessed Mother standing among the stars, she stretches out her blue mantle ,and covers the earth. Then the darkness came, like a blanket , it covered the earth . Then Three times , Our Blessed Mother said. I cover you ,my children.

Our Blessed Mother says.
I cover you, my children.
I cover you ,my children.
I cover you , my children.
My children , you have not been given a spirit of fear.
Place your trust in my Son.
Let your confidence ,be established, by your faith.
Be not fearful, but prepared , for what’s to come.
My mantle is outstretched over you. Come, take shelter in the Holy Hearts , of my Son and I. Pray my Rosary of light ,where my Son is revealed. Remember always ;my promises ,and let your prayers, be without ceasing .
Thus saith your loving Mother.