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By Shelley Anna

August 26 thru September 4, 2021

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Holy Trinity Channel

August 26,2021.

Jesus says.
Deep within my Sacred Heart, you are hidden and protected, from the evils of this world. That prowl around seeking the ruin of souls. Prepare. For there is a thick darkness coming, that will be felt. Daily repentance is vital. Allow my Mercy to flow over you , cleansing you from all transgressions. My Mercy is for all.
Beware of false prophets with serpent tongues, who speak deceitfully , to mislead you, causing you to fall away . So many have been indoctrinated by demons, believing what is false, and rejecting my truth. Shield your eyes and cover your ears, from these false doctrines that they preach. I am the good shepherd. I am, the only way. Thus saith the Lord.



A Healing Restoration Awaits
August 30,2021.

Jesus says.
So many hearts are bound and burdened by the guilt of there sins. Wrong Choices made can not be undone, but a healing restoration awaits within my Sacred Heart where mercy flows. Harden not your hearts. Satan wishes to keep you bound in darkness away from the light of my love. Call out to me and I will set you free.
My faithful ones do not let yourselves be deceived by his delusion. He is the master of lies and trickery. Do not fall into his traps that have been set before you. Open your eyes and look to me . Take my hand that I may uphold you and protect you from the snares of the wicked.
For the hour is late and he knows he has little time left.
Continue to dwell within my Sacred Heart. Remain within it’s boundaries , where you are protected from the evil one.
Thus saith the Lord.



Watch and Pray
September 1, 2021

Jesus says.
Be Alert! Watch and Pray. There are many evils all around you, plotting your downfall. Unrepentant sins, are entry ways ,which they will try to gain access to your souls. The seven deadly sins are gateways in which they enter. Allow my Holy Spirit to work within you , making ready your hearts ,for my imminent return.
Open your eyes, this world is in turmoil, and chaos .
It is most urgent, to stay close to me, that I may shelter you from the evil one, and his fallen angels ,that seek to desecrate ,and disfigure ,my image. Antichrist wishes for the appearance of evil to be seen as good, by indoctrinating your thoughts. Come to me now, enter into the protection, of the Holy Hearts, of my Mother and I. For the days are evil. Thus saith the Lord.

Our Blessed Mother says.
Pray, my children, pray my Rosary of Light ,that will guide you through this valley of tears. Continue to pray my rosary, for the conversion of many ,that have not yet awakened to my Son’s call.
My rosary is a powerful weapon against all vices.
Prayers much needed for these darkened days.
Pray my rosary of light ,where my Son is revealed. Seek out his mercy ,in these final moments, preparing your hearts .
My mantle is outstretched over you ,as I intercede ,for you . Let your dwelling place be in the shelter ,of the Holy Hearts ,of my Son and I, where grace and mercy flow.
I am pointing the way to your salvation, which can only be attained through my Son, Jesus Christ.
My children, Remember always my promises ,and let your prayers ,be without ceasing .
Thus saith your loving Mother.

Our Lady continues.
Brace yourselves, secrets revealed ,are now coming into fulfillment.
Father God in Heaven, is shaking the world ,to get your attention ,and to awaken you from your slumber. Daily repentance is vital to the restoration of your souls.
Thus saith your loving Mother.



Secrets Revealed are Now Being Fulfilled
September 4,2021.

Jesus says.
Our hearts beat as one, full of tender mercies ,for the repentant soul ,that seeks forgiveness. Let your safe dwelling be within the realm ,of the holy hearts, of my mother and I, where grace and mercy flow.
The storm continues, as the dense darkness blankets the earth. Be not fearful looking after these things, but let your confidence ; be in me.
Because you are mine, you are safely hidden; in my Sacred heart.
Stay within the boundaries of my protection, lucifers fallen ones ,seek out the ruin of souls . Let your gaze be fixed upon me. Do not lose sight of your salvation, that is only attained in me.
Thus saith the Lord.

Our Blessed Mother says.
Come, my children.
The time has come, to enter into the realm of protection , that my Son provides.
Secrets revealed ,are now being fulfilled . Enter into the Holy Hearts of my Son and I, where grace and mercy flow.
Continue to pray my Rosary of Light, where my Son is revealed. Outside our hearts, is only sorrow and misery, hopelessness and despair.
Let your safe dwelling be within our hearts where grace and mercy flow. Allow the light of Holy Love ;to illuminate your hearts. Let my Rosary of Light be your guide to your salvation. For behold, I point the way, the only way, to your salvation , which can only be attained through my Son, Jesus Christ.
Remember always, my promises , and let your prayers, be without ceasing.
Thus saith your loving Mother.