A Great Darkness is Coming

By Shelley Anna

September 11, 2021

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Holy Trinity Channel

Jesus says.
Continue to shine , forbearing my light , which dispels the darkness.
A great darkness is coming.
It will only pass over my faithful ones . It will not enter your safe dwellings , that have been consecrated , to my Sacred Heart.

Our Blessed Mother says.
The blessed candles will not be extinguished ,but will burn brightly, for the faithful. Our words of warning, are to prepare you , for what’s to come. Listen to my Son. Stay in communion with my Son , confessing all transgressions. My Rosary of light , will illuminate your path , directing you always to my Son. Pray for purity of hearts, for the days are wicked, as perversion spreads. Step away, my children , lest your hearts become corrupted by evil.
Love one another, just as my Son loves you. Walking with my Son, who is always by your side. He will not abandon you , but deliver you , out of darkness.
Remember always my promises, and let your prayers be without ceasing.
Thus saith your loving Mother.

Jesus continues ,and he says.
Are your hearts truly mine?
Devote yourselves completely to me, abandoning the wicked ways of this world. For the hour is late. Only moments of my mercy remain.
Thus saith the Lord.