The Apocalyptic Days are Upon You

By Shelley Anna

September 21 thru September 23, 2021

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Holy Trinity Channel

September 23,2021

Jesus says.
The completion of this era is drawing to a close. The final moments are upon you . Disturbances in the heavens intensify causing the earths atmosphere to change. Earthquakes ,volcanic eruptions ,and storms ,continue to be influenced by the sun ,and the moon, that are off balance. The stars continue to fall down ,upon the earth as a rain of fire .
So many hearts are full of unbelief ,as they witness the signs of the times ,that signal, and point ,to my return. Their unbelief will continue ,until they see me return in the clouds. And they will continue to blaspheme my name ,because darkness reigns in there hearts. Repent, and place your heart in mine . I am your only salvation ,and your safe refuge.
Thus saith the Lord..

September 22,2021.

Jesus says.
The heavens are being rolled up causing seasons to come out of order . The earth will continue to shake and burn, as sea levels rise and rage up upon dry lands.
The presence of the antichrist is upon you. The unholy trinity has been awakened and is very active in this generation. Their plans pave the way for the son of perdition and his mark. I am your only safe refuge from the tribulation of these day’s. Stay within the boundaries of my protection that only my Sacred Heart provides . Receive me in Holy Communion, physically and spiritually, that I may be your stronghold during the harshness of these dark days.
Thus saith the Lord.

Our Blessed Mother says.
My children the dangers of darkness are being unleashed upon the earth as Father God’s wrath continues to be poured out upon this wicked and perverse generation. Secrets that have been revealed are now coming into fulfillment. The apocalyptic days are upon you.
Pray, my children, for the salvation, of unprepared souls . I give you my Rosary of Light to be your guide through this valley of tears.
To ease your suffering and direct your attention upon my Son, your safe refuge. Meditate upon the mysteries of my Rosary contemplating my Son’s ways , as each decade draws you closer to my Son.
Remember always my promises, and let your prayers be without ceasing.
Thus saith your loving Mother.

September 21,2021.

Jesus says.
My beloved, tell my faithful ones to direct their attention upon me. Be not fearful, if your heart is truly mine.
The natural order of the elements are out of balance , because of mans sinfulness and devotion to other gods ,and idol worship. Satanic forces are at work in the church ,and in the world today, corrupting mans hearts. The way has been paved for the son of perdition.
Mankind’s devotion to self leads to the destruction of their hearts. The love of God is nonexistent in this wicked world.
I call you to be separate from this wicked and perverse generation , that has fallen into darkness. This darkness reigns in their hearts , causing hatred towards one another. Children against their parents ,and parents abandonment of their children. Aborting them from their wombs.
The blood of the innocent cry out and have reached Father God’s ears. Discourse in nature will continue. The earth travails much , because of the great iniquities within. The discord of the sun and the moon ,continue to appose their natural behavior ,because the heavens are beginning to roll up.
My day of judgement draws near . Repent ,and renounce satan ,and his wicked and perverse ways. Return to me ,and my path of light ,that leads to restoration ,and salvation. Devote your hearts to mine , by consecrating them to my Sacred Heart. I love you, and wish that none perish ,but have life eternal .
Thus saith the Lord.

Our Blessed Mother says.
My children , the Heart of my Son bleeds out for you.
Respond to his call of repentance . Only moments remain. Separate yourselves completely , from this world that has succumbed to darkness.
My Rosary of Light will aid you, directing your steps towards my Son. Pray my rosary daily. Enter into prayerful communion with my Son , confessing all your sins. Renew your mind by reading sacred scripture daily. Allow your heart to be softened by the love of God.
I cover you with my mantle ,as I intercede on your behalf.
Remember always my promises, and let your prayers be without ceasing.
Thus saith your loving Mother.