The Great Tribulation has Begun

By Shelley Anna

April 12, 2022

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Holy Trinity Channel

April 12, 2022

Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior Elohim says.

The Great Tribulation has begun.
Repent ! And Return to My Sacred Heart. The hour is late. The fulfillment of my word is unfolding before your very eyes.

over the inhabitants of the earth. My beloved ones return to me in prayer repenting of all transgressions. Renounce the ways of this world that is Satan’s domain. The dark kingdom of the antichrist will soon be erected from the ashes of this world. War is imminent and will soon be upon every border of every nation of the world.

Wars and rumors of wars famines and disease will continue preparing the way for the son of perdition who will mimic me. Do not be deceived by his trickery and lies. That will ensnare you within his traps that he has set before you. I love you and wish that none should perish. My Mercy is for all. Thus saith The Lord.