Altered Ones Prepare The Way

By Shelley Anna

July 31, 2022

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Holy Trinity Channel

July 31, 2022

A Message from Our Blessed Mother

Our Blessed Mother,
adorned in radiant light says.

Beloved Daughter
Tell my Children to make ready their hearts,
For a time is coming, when darkness will reign in men's hearts, that have been altered by inoculations of evil.
Their thoughts are overshadowed by a madness.

Beloved children
Prayer is your only recourse, and my Son’s Sacred Heart, is your only safe refuge.
Come under my mantle, and take shelter, within my Son’s Sacred Heart.
Pray my Rosary of Light
That exposes the darkness, and wards off evil.
Remember always my promises, and let your prayers be without ceasing.
Thus saith, Your Loving Mother.

A Message from Saint Michael the Archangel

As the feathers of wings overshadow me
I hear Saint Michael the Archangel say

Beloved people of God
May the Blessings of the Sacred Heart, of Jesus Christ, rest upon each and every one of you this day, preparing your souls, and equipping you with the spiritual weapons needed for the tribulation of these days.

As your watchful defender,
I implore you, to pray our Blessed Mother’s Rosary of Light, that will illuminate the true path of salvation.

An anti religion has emerged, for an antichrist, who overshadows the church, with his false doctrines.
Immorality of the flesh, is humanity’s worship of the beast.
Altered ones, inoculated by evil, prepare the way for this incarnation of evil.
People of our Beloved Savior,
Pray without ceasing,
Come under the mantle of our Blessed Mother, and take refuge in the Sacred Heart, of Our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

Beloved children of Light,
Continue to be beacons of hope for the hopeless, praying continually for there conversion.

As the close approach of Niburu continues towards the earth, a hazardous illumination that cannot be looked upon, will brighten the skies.

All light in the firmament will dim, and the heavens will be silent, before the sign of the Son of Man is revealed.

Acknowledge your Guardian Angels, who will be your guide to safety, during these perilous times.
I stand ready, with multitudes of angels, to defend you, from the wickedness, and snares, of the devil, who’s days are few in number.
Thus saith, Your Watchful Defender.