Proclamations will be Made for this New World Order

By Shelley Anna

June 7, 2022

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Holy Trinity Channel

June 7, 2022

A Message from The Lord
Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior, Elohim says.

For the time has come, a great shaking will befall upon the wicked, even those who walk blindly in the light, all who have been preconditioned, and conformed, to dwell in Satan’s dark kingdom. My warnings are ignored and rejected. Listen and hear my call upon your heart.
Trust in me, abide in my love and take refuge in my Sacred Heart.
The time is at hand, trust in me, trust not in the ways of this world, that is passing into darkness, never to see the true light of my love, because they have rejected my truth, and believe in doctrines of demons.
My beloved ones, now is the time to cling to me, your only salvation. I wish that none should perish. I love you. I have not abandoned you.
Thus saith, the Lord.

A Message from Saint Michael The Archangel
As the feathers of wings overshadow me, I hear Saint Michael the Archangel say.

May the blessings that flow forth from the Sacred Heart, of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, rest upon each and every one of you, as you walk in the light of God’s Love.

People of God
It is most urgent to return to prayer, making ready your hearts for an encounter, with Our Lord and Savior, that will soon follow, the calamities of the tribulation. A beginning of sorrows, that the four horsemen of the apocalypse has brought forth, will cause humanity to suffer.

as the antichrist enters the holy place. Humanity will be subdued by inoculations, that have been mingled with the evil presence, of the fallen one. As all resemblances of normality, fade away, the mark of the beast will emerge under false pretenses. A mark to buy and sell, a mark that will come under the appearance of convenience.

It IS MOST URGENT TO PREPARE YOUR PROVISIONS, Trusting In Our Lord and Savior for your needs.
A spirit of fear and panic, will befall upon humanity, causing them to place their trust in a false messiah, that will come under a banner of false peace.
A deterioration of souls, will then take place, as they receive the lies and deceptions of the antichrist.
People of God
Stand courageous, in the armor of God, wielding your spiritual weapons in prayerful hands. Do not abandon your post, pray Our Blessed Mother’s Rosary of Light, that expels the darkness.
I stand ready, with multitudes of Angels, to defend you, from the wickedness, and snares, of the devil, who’s days are few in number. Thus saith Your Watchful Defender.