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By Shelley Anna

December 31 and March 3, 2022

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Holy Trinity Channel

December 31, 2021

Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior Elohim says.

For the time has come. A great shaking will befall upon the wicked even those who walk blindly in the light all who have been preconditioned and conformed to dwell in Satan’s dark kingdom. My warnings are ignored and rejected. Listen and hear my call upon your heart.
Trust in me abide in my love and take refuge in my Sacred Heart.
The time is at hand trust in me trust not in the ways of this world that is passing into darkness never to see the true light of my love because they have rejected my truth and believe in doctrines of demons.
My beloved ones now is the time to cling to me your only salvation. I wish that none should perish. I love you. I have not abandoned you.
Thus saith the Lord

Our Blessed Mother Queen of Heaven and Earth says.

Brace yourselves for the beginning of sorrows. America will suffer. War is coming.
Do not delay make ready your provisions trusting in my Son for your needs.
My beloved children remain at peace with one another Satan wishes to cause divisions between you and your loved ones making bitterness and strife dominate your hearts.
The final woes are coming into fulfillment.
Take refuge in my Son’s Sacred Heart. The Holy Hearts of my Son and I
are your only protection against the calamities that befall upon man.
Daily repentance is most vital.
Repent and pray my Rosary of Light to prepare your hearts for my Son Jesus Christ.
My children remember always my promises and let your prayers be without ceasing.
Thus saith your loving Mother.

Jesus continues and he says.

Yes my dear ones. Always trust in me. I love you and will shelter you in the shadow of my wings. You have done well. Angels stand guard and ward off the darkness.
Blessed are the ones who have every confidence in me. Hearts that are full of confidence in me have no place for fear.
Keep your hearts true to me and know that I AM. . . . Thus saith the Lord.



March 3, 2022

Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior Elohim says.

My beloved ones
My mercy still flows as I wait for my lost sheep.
My mercy is for all. Receive my blessings of Faith Hope Love and Protection. Reject not my Grace and Mercy.

I have shaken the heavens and the earth in an attempt to awaken those who slumber. Their eyes will be opened.
Humanity continues to suffer as nations crumble beneath the feet of the bear ( Russia ). World domination is eminent as the kingdom of darkness comes into power.
The tribulation of these days are intensifying. It is most urgent that you receive me in Holy Communion both physically and spiritually partaking of my strength to endure the harshness of these last days. I have not abandoned you my beloved ones. My Sacred Heart is open to all ;who repent and seek after my Mercy and Salvation.
Thus saith The Lord.


Our Blessed Mother says.

My beloved children
It is most urgent that you pray for My Son’s Divine Mercy through the recitation of his Chaplet.
My beloved children pray my Rosary of Light. Pray for the conversion of sinners. Do not let Satan prevail. Vulnerable souls are in peril.

A world dictator who is the antichrist will be crowned and praised as his false banner of peace is lifted. His dark kingdom will then be erected and his mark of convenience will be implemented and required to buy and sell.
My children Do not abandon my Rosary of Light. Let your unceasing prayers ascend up to the throne of God.

For an encounter with My Son where your sins will be before you. Time will stand still as moments of mercy are applied to repentant hearts.

Where darkness will not penetrate. Do not open your door do not be deceived by demons who will mimic your loved ones. Cover your windows for the wrath of God cannot be looked upon.

My children remember always my promises and let your prayers be without ceasing. Thus saith Your Loving Mother.