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By Shrine of the Christ Child

June 1 and June 5, 2019

June 5, 2019

My dear, dear children, I come today as you are joined in prayer.  I come with St. Joseph, St. Anne, and My Dear Son, Jesus.  I want to tell you of the joy you have all filled our hearts with.  To be with My little children who love and worship My Son is so very special.  You gather together to pray to My Son as the Child Jesus.  Oh, what joy this gives us, for we were with our Jesus when He was a small child.  You all love your children and grandchildren.  Your hearts are full of joy when they return their love to you.  You also remember the little things they do.  What joy when they tell you how much they love you.  So, you understand the joy it gives Me to hear your prayers of love and devotion to My Son, who lived and died for each one.  St. Anne is Jesus's grandmother.  Her love for Him is a gift all grandmothers should give to their grandchildren.  Pray, for She will intercede for you and help you.  My Dear St. Joseph was chosen by God, the Father, to be a good and loving father to Jesus.  He taught Him to work with wood out of love, and had joy and pride, watching Him grow, just as all the good and devoted fathers do for their children.  I am so happy for us to be able to share this prayer time with you, as you pray for My Son's Love and Mercy and meditate on His Passion.  I hear you all pray your Holy Rosary that is My gift to each one, so you would understand the life of My Son while He was on earth. And, after you pray, you are all blessed to receive Him in Holy Communion.  What a wonderful day, as you all are joined together in love to receive the Body and Blood of the One who died for each one of you to have Eternal Life.  And now, My Son is re-marking each one of you with His Holy Cross upon your foreheads, for each one of you have been chosen by Him to form a unity to love Him and each other, to come through these times.  He is coming to give you His Love and Mercy and bring you to Eternal Life.  And, now He blesses you, in the name of your Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.


June 4, 2019

My little one, tell each one to spend time with Me each day in prayer.  This is a must.  You need to make time to raise your mind to your God.  Try and find a quiet place where you can communicate with Me and we can be together.  Prayer will bring you peace.  Ask the Holy Spirit to enlighten you and talk to Me.  Even though I know what you are living through, I am ready to listen and help you.  I want to share everything with you.  I want you to get to know Me and develop total trust in Me.  Come sit with Me.  I find great happiness being with you.  Since the beginning of time, I only desired one thing; to make Myself known and loved by you.  I wait each day for you to come.  I am really here in the Tabernacle waiting to love you.  I know how busy each one is, but if you knew the blessing and graces I have waiting for you, you would not be too busy for Me.  My children, time is short, the days are passing quickly, make your soul ready to welcome your Jesus.  Share your life with Me and let Me lead you to Eternal Life.  I will always treasure you and our time together.  I love and bless you, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.


June 3, 2019

My dear one, tell all My children, even though you are living in difficult times, you must stay cheerful and think positive.  When you see and hear of all the bad and evil things that are happening around you, pray and think of all the wonderful times ahead of you.  You believe in My Coming as your Jesus of Love and Mercy and the New Heaven and Earth I will bring My faithful ones to enter into.  You all must have strength, courage, and fortitude and believe in My words that I will never leave you.  You hear of war and of the Chastisement to come and the persecution of Christians.  You are in a battle between good and evil.  Your answer is to pray.  Your weapon is your Holy Rosary and to love one another.  To win this war, you must have charity and do deeds of mercy and be Me to others.  Do not be afraid of the three days of darkness.  Light your blessed candles and pray your Rosary for God's Mercy, for while My faithful ones are praying, I will be destroying all evil.  Those who serve God have no reason to fear.  Pray, trust, and believe.  I love and bless you, for I am your Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

June 2, 2019

My little one, tell all My Remnant, I know the ones that follow Me.  When My Hand falls upon a sinful world, only those who wake up at My Warning will be left, for I will give all a chance to return to Me.  The ones who have prepared and live in My Presence now will help the ones who repent at My Warning.  My Mother came to earth to warn all Her children to give up sin and believe in God, your Father, Her Son, Jesus, and all the Commandments and truths We have given you.  Only Her Remnant would listen.  In your world, sin is being accepted, even in My Holy Church.  I will not accept sin and My justice will come.  All will see how they offend their God.  All will witness My Power.  I must cleanse the world so My Remnant will live in peace and love.  Can My children not see all the signs?  There is great danger all around you.  Fire, floods, earthquakes, storms, diseases, wars and rumors of wars, hate and destruction, and so much more.  My Remnant does not need to fear.  I will lead you through the Chastisement.  Just pray and love one another as I love you.  I am just and I want to give love and mercy to all who come to Me.  But, I am coming to destroy all evil.  Your days are numbered.  Pray and follow Me now.  I love and bless you, in the name of your Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.


June 1, 2019

My child, tomorrow is Sunday.  How many of My children will come to church?  How many will come to receive My greatest gift I left to them at My Last Supper?  I gave Myself to save all of God's children.  When My children come to receive Me in My Holy Eucharist, it is I, your Jesus, the same gift I gave to My Apostles at My Last Supper, My Body and Blood.  I come to be within you, to give you the strength and courage to live each day.  My children are surrounded with darkness now.  You have so many other things in your life that are more important to you than Me.  You only think of power and wealth.  You cannot put down your phones and computers.  Your countries develop weapons that can kill millions of people.  Your television is full of sin.  Many of My children have been murdered by abortion and so many believe this is their right.  Many live sinful lifestyles and believe it is alright.  Homosexuality is a sin.  My children were not born that way.  I did not create this evil.  It is not love.  It is satan's way to destroy so many.  Wake up.  I am coming.  I call each one to repent while there is still time.  Come to the Sacraments and be forgiven.  I want for you to come back to Me while there is still time.  I shall reclaim My earth and My children with love and they shall live by My Commandments and love one another as I love them.  My children will be set free and I will crush all evil.  Sin will not exist.  Sickness shall be washed away and death will be of the past.  All loved ones will be reunited and together forever, for My children were not meant to live in evil.  They are meant to be with Me.  I love and bless you, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.