Recent Messages

By Shrine of the Christ Child

May 26 and May 31, 2019

May 26, 2019
My dear one, I am calling all My children to pray, for the times My Holy Mother has been warning youabout are here and now. She came to call the world to conversion but many will not listen. She askedfor all of God's children to make your life a prayer and to offer your work as a prayer so that everythingyou do brings you closer to Me. She told all Her children She would pray for them and intercede for allof you before God, your Father, so that you would understand the greatness of the gift your Father gaveto His children, that She could come to give you messages as never before on earth in history since thebeginning of the world. The messages were given to transform your lives. The words were fromHeaven by the coming of My Holy Mother. God, your Father, was giving you all great graces. Sheasked you to pray for peace. Your world does not understand that it makes evil appear good and deniesthe existence of sin. My faithful ones need to pray, as much as you can, and let God lead you to whatHe wants you to do and where He wants you to go. Your Father in Heaven will guide you. Thechildren who have answered your Holy Mother's call, you have been very blessed. Pray to the HolySpirit for enlightenment and as Our Mother Mary said, pray, pray, pray. I bless you, in the name of theFather, Son, and Holy Spirit.Shrine of the Christ Child Messages


May 27, 2019
My Little One, I come to call all My faithful ones to be with Me in Adoration. I wait for each one. Cometo Me in confidence that I am waiting for you. If you are suffering, I will help you, for I have the power,wisdom, and goodness to aid you in all your miseries. Come before Me, for I know everything aboutyou. Let Me love you and speak to your heart. My love and I could never abandon you. Let Me fillyou with My love and true peace. My dear ones, if you knew how much I love you and long to be withyou, you would come often to be with Me. Your prayers could help the poor souls in Purgatory and allthe non-believers who don't know Me. I will take your prayers and intentions into My Sacred Heart.Your love and prayers will go before God, your Father and ascend to Heaven. When I tell you, I am withyou, I am really with you. I see the world from your eyes. I walk your walk. I feel the weakness andpain in your body, as you do. When you are ill, focus on the fact that every minute of every day, yourJesus is with you. Talk to Me. I have so much to tell you. Once you rely on Me, your life will becomeless stressful. Trust Me and believe I walk with you. I bless you, in the name of your Father, Son, andHoly Spirit.


May 28, 2019
My Little One, trust in Me and tell My children to prepare, for I must put an end to the evil that is nowcontrolling your country and the world. Do My children realize how many of My precious innocent oneshave been aborted? Why do so many think they have a choice? Abortion is murder. How can aMother kill her own child? Children are a gift; a blessing from God. Look around. Is nothing sacredanymore? Life is a precious gift. When you were very small, the first thing you learned was, who madeyou. God made you. Why did God make you? To get to know Him, love Him, and serve Him. Somany do not know Me or love Me and only want to serve themselves. Some are so selfish that they cankill a child before it is born. How can they justify such a sin? And now, some states have passed a law;it is just fine to kill a baby at birth, if the mother does not want the child. This is the last straw. I mustput a stop to the evil so many believe in. You have seen many storms. Believe Me, this is just thebeginning. Mankind is calling My justice down on himself. I gave My life for each one on Calvary, soyou could be forgiven. I paid the price for your sin, but you must ask for forgiveness and repent of yoursins. Wake up, see the signs all around you; a great and terrible chastisement that mankind is callingupon himself. Come to Me now and seek forgiveness, for I am about to put an end to the evil and sinthat consumes the world. Only the ones that come to Me and are truly sorry for their sins and seekforgiveness will have Eternal Life with Me, full of love, joy, and peace. Pray, My children. Trust in Meand make yourself ready. Believe Me, all has begun. I will cleanse your world of all evil. I love andbless you, in the name of your Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.


May 29, 2019
My little child, I want My children to forgive anyone who has hurt you or caused you pain. To forgive,you must forget. Satan will work on you to make the hurt and pain much more than when it happened.He wants to take your peace away. If I could forgive the ones who crucified Me, can My children learnhow to forgive others? You talk about forgiveness, but do you have forgiveness in your hearts? Youmust not hold on to hurt, anger, and envy. Forgiveness is love. When what happened comes into yourmind, you must forget it immediately. Do not let it sink into your mind and heart. If you want to followMe, you must love and forgive others as I did. I will help you, if you ask Me with an open heart and mindand then you will have true peace. Let everything go, die to yourself, give everything to Me. Trust Me.Little time is left to change your lives. Without faith, you have nothing. With faith, you have Me and Ican work miracles through you. Believe, My children, the more you believe in Me, the more you willwork on removing all sin and unforgiveness from your life. I love you and am always with each one.Live in My Presence and let Me lead you each day, and I will lead you to Eternal Life. I love and blessyou, for I am your Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.


May 30, 2019
My Dear One, your world is blinded by sin. So many of My children live in sin and do not care, becausethe world you live in has made all sin acceptable. Even your media is controlled by satan. So few can Shrine of the Christ Child Messagessee what is really happening around them. I gave all My children My Commandments and Laws to liveby. They are the Truth, not something out of date. They are from the beginning and will be forever.Each one will stand before Me. Wake up, look deep within yourself, realize how much I love you andwhy I am calling each one to come to Confession and ask for forgiveness now. With a true repentancefrom your heart, all sin is forgiven. I love all My children but My justice must come to a sinful world thatdisregards My Ways and Truth. I will show everyone in the world how their sins have offended Me. Ifyou believe now and follow Me and give up sin and pray, then you will be ready when I pour My Spirit outupon the earth. It will be a time of great joy for you, not great pain and sorrow. I love you and youknow Me. By being ready, you can help others come to Me. Come and follow Me now. I love andbless you, in the name of your Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.


May 31, 2019
My Little One, tell My children, peace is My plan; for peace in your hearts, peace in your families, and Iwant you to radiate that peace, that only comes from Me, to others. Each and every day, you hearabout all the evil in your world and all you see is sin. People don't seem to care about one another andmost don't have time to pray. You hear of wars and rumors of wars. You see people marching andsaying abortion is a woman's right. Families don't seem to stay together. Many are too busy to cometo church and take time to know Me. So many are on the wrong path. Know, My children, a newbeginning awaits all of you, just have faith and wait, for I will move among you in power. The momentand hour shall come and I will cleanse your world of all evil. In a matter of seconds, all will change.Remain awake. I am preparing you for battle. Watch and pray, for the hour approaches. I am callingyou to be My Children of Light. Let My love and goodness radiate through each of you. Do not beafraid. Keep your faith strong. A new outpouring of My Spirit will be given. Time is passing quickly.Will you be ready? This will be a second chance for all. Will you be able to stand before Me as a childwho follows Me? My Hand must drop and the ones that refuse to obey, will not have Eternal Life withMe. Continue to have faith in Me despite the darkness and the gloom. You will know peace in themidst of all trials. Trust in Me and pray. Ask My Holy Spirit to enlighten you. Love one another. Beprepared. I love and bless you, in the name of your Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.