Recent Messages

By Valentina Papagna

March 19 and March 25, 2018

Pull out the Weeds choking the good Crop

In the morning while I was praying, the angel of the Lord appeared to me and said, “Lord Jesus has sent me to remind you that all the messages He gives you, that He is the priority, and that you must obey Him and spread the messages to people.”

He said, “Valentina! You are so compassionate. People pull you left and right, you feel sorry for them, so you try to help them. But remember that Lord God chose you, and you should obey Him first, and never say no to Him.”

Then the angel extended His hand and said, “Look at the good crop in the fields. It is all choked by weeds. The overgrown weeds try to choke the good crop.”

“Your job is to pull out all the weeds and to clean out the field, and lead people to conversion and to God.”

“Remember, the Second Coming of Jesus Christ is very near and it is very necessary that you prepare the way for our Lord, by cleaning the path and removing all the weeds.”

The weeds represent the sins that people carry. When Jesus comes, He wants to find people holy and clean. This message was first given to me in March 1996.



The angel appeared and showed me a table, which was covered with a beautiful white tablecloth.

On the table were three stands, and on each stand I could see the Holy Eucharist. Around the Holy Eucharist was a beautiful ornamental doily, made of white paper, lace-patterned in the shape of a most beautiful crown.

The angel then pointed to the side, to direct my gaze at a wall. On the wall I could see written the names of many people.

The angel explained to me the meaning of these names. He said, “These are the names of people who fast. Their names go around the Host.”

The angel showed me how when the person fasts, their name is then taken from the side wall and is placed around the Holy Eucharist.

Smiling at me the angel then said, “But your name is still on the side wall, still waiting!”

I felt so embarrassed when he said this.

The angel continued to explain, “Tell people, there are many ways to fast. You can fast three hours, four hours or five hours. It depends on how much you can endure. Less than three hours (of fasting) is not valid.”

“Each person who decides to fast, should offer his fast to God. It must be most sincerely offered and with good will, and not against the will of God, but with love and happiness.”

The angel explained that fasting is very similar to an employee clocking on and clocking off from work, using a bundy clock or time clock machine. Similarly, with discipline and good will, you start and finish a fast. It depends on how many hours you fasted, but less than three hours is invalid

The angel said, “The Holy Eucharist, you see on the Altar, is really and truly the Body of Jesus Christ. The beautiful crown-shaped, lace decoration on the doily is your sacrifice, sincerely offered from your heart, which with the Holy Eucharist, goes up to God.”

Why is it so beautiful? It is beautiful because it is offered up as a sacrifice to God.

Our Lord is so joyful, when people do little sacrifices for Him. He accepts our sacrifices and He blesses them. This message was first given to me 13 March 1996.


Warning from our Blessed Mother to take Messages Seriously

Today, Lord Jesus said, “My child, learn about this present time, that you are living in. Learn from this present life. Nothing lasts forever, and you gain nothing out of it. Only through your ups and downs, and through your sufferings and your crosses, do you possess Eternal Life, which lasts forever. Amen!”

Today I also greeted Blessed Mother saying, “My dearest Mother and Queen!”

She said, “My Dear children, listen to my warnings and to my messages that I have been giving you, for a long time now. The times are approaching very fast, and you will experience all kinds of calamities, and you will be very sorry that you did not listen to me.”

Very seriously, Blessed Mother continued, “You take the messages with ease, very lightly. You should think about them and take them more seriously, because they could be my last messages and my last warnings to you.”


This House is a House of Prayer

During the night I found it very difficult to sleep so I decided to keep praying. I repeated the Creed and the Our Father prayer and then I thought I would pray the Rosary. I could not understand why I could not fall asleep.

Suddenly our Lord Jesus appeared. He greeted me and said, “I Am sorry My child that you cannot sleep. I am preparing you to reveal something to you that you did not know before. Come with Me, My child and I will show you and reveal the reason why.”

Suddenly I found myself with our Lord Jesus in the house of my friend N. I recognised her house straight away. I started to worry and I thought to myself, “Why N.’s house? What is this all about and what is going to happen?”

Our Lord Jesus and Blessed Mother Mary stood in the middle of the living room and I along with Them.

Suddenly, the appearance of our Lord and Blessed Mother changed to one of great sadness. They both spoke and said, “We have to tell you all about how sad and sorrowful We feel when N. invited this group of people to come to her house to make the TV cooking show to help her sister and her sister’s daughter win the cooking competition.”

They continued, “What N. did not know is that these people and the media photographers brought to this house so much evil. I tell you they were all atheists. It was total darkness and very chilly. My mother and I were pushed to the corner and nobody wanted Us.”

Jesus said, “My Mother was sitting on a chilly rock shivering from the cold. She had to cover her lap with a shawl to keep warm.”

They showed me in a vision our Blessed Mother sitting on this rock, hunched over and shivering in the cold. She was so sad that she was crying.

Jesus and Blessed Mother then said, “This means that we were not wanted.”

Our Lord said, “I Am so upset because this house is a house of prayer. It is consecrated to Us, Jesus and Mary. Valentina, My child, I want you to know how happy we were when Our daughter N. opened the door to Us with her heart and with all her love and invited Us to her house. That means her house belonged to us a long time ago. She did that so beautifully. She is so full of love towards others. Nothing is too hard for her, to give a helping hand. She goes to Mass and prayers, she is fulfilling My Will every day and praying for everybody.”

“We love her so dearly, but I have to tell you she has a lot of enemies, even in her own family. They wish bad on her, but tell her not to worry, that I say so, no-one can harm her because We protect her and guard her all the time. Tell her to remain faithful to Us and to trust Us. Tell N., that I, the Lord Jesus and My Beloved Mother wish that as soon as possible if she can get a good priest to bless her house. The house is desecrated and has to be purified. N.’s house is also a safe refuge for when the time comes. She needs to do all this right away to be protected and to be ready as soon as possible. Her house will be a safe haven for people.”

“Tell N. to be courageous and that We love her and bless her in a very special way in the Name of the Father, the Son and of the Holy Ghost.” Jesus made the Sign of the Cross with His Hand.

I was so sad for our Lord and our Blessed Mother when they revealed all this to me. How sensitive and hurt They are and I could feel in me how offended They are when people reject Them.

We don’t think about what people, that we invite into our homes can bring with them, the bad consequences.

The angel told me that when we are not sure about something it is best to ask our Lord and place in His Holy Hands and wait for His answer. He will give you an answer maybe right away, the next day or maybe in three days. If you feel good in your heart then you know our Lord is happy with your decision. If you feel unsettled then He is not.

This message was given to me on 23 February 2018.


Cenacle Rosary @ St Patrick’s Cathedral

During the Rosary praying the Sorrowful Mysteries, our Lord Jesus said, “Unite your suffering with My suffering, during My passion when I carried the Holy Cross on the way to Calvary.”

“Console Me My child and help Me. My suffering was beyond your understanding. Think of how much I Am rejected in the world, and just think how much I have done for all of you, to save you and to give you life, because I love you so much, yet so little I receive in return. No gratitude.”

“I, your Lord am so sad to watch this, My children. How easily you accept and follow the evil one. He leads you into terrible sin and crime, which occurs daily. He is the liar and deceiver. He is the master of all liars.”

‘Turn to Me and come to Me for I suffer for you, so that you can have life in Me and eternal happiness. Come to Me for I love you so much.”

Jesus said, “I Am the Way, the Truth and the Life, and no one comes to the Father except through Me.”

Jesus was very emotional as He was telling me this. Tears welled up in His eyes. It was difficult for Him to speak due to the pain that He felt. He was suffering for our disobedience and our pride.

Oh my Lord, have pity and mercy on all sinners. How long can our Lord keep begging for us to change?

Souls! Where are you going to hide when you are to stand in front of God, when He will judge you? He sees and knows all. It is better that you convert and repent now, so that He can embrace you instead of judge you. This message was given to me by our Lord on 16 February 2018.


Souls released from deep and dark Purgatory

This morning during my prayers I offered to our Blessed Mother a decade of the Rosary for her intentions.

During the prayers, Blessed Mother appeared as the Rosa Mystica. In her right hand she was holding a sceptre. Beside her, our Lord Jesus appeared, standing, wearing a long deep purple-red robe. During this vision our Lord Jesus did not speak to me but allowed His Blessed Mother to do so.

Blessed Mother said, “My daughter, I will show you something that you have not experienced before.”

She then turned her head gazed towards the ground. Suddenly a large aluminium grate, as you would find in a street gutter used for drainage, appeared in front of us. It was about a metre in width and length.

As Blessed Mother was pointing at the grate with her sceptre, I was thinking to myself, “What is Blessed Mother doing?”

Suddenly, I could see many hands popping up through the grates. I began to hear many desperate voices, lamenting and crying, “Get us out of here! Get us out of here!” They were begging for help.

As I was observing all of this, I watched Blessed Mother move her sceptre towards the desperate hands coming out from the grates, then very gently, with the sceptre, started pushing the hands back in.

I sensed that the souls trapped under this grate, were in a very deep, dark place. The gutter grate represents the prison these souls were in. They were completely closed inside, like being in a dungeon, where there was no way out.

Blessed Mother said, “We are showing you this vision so that you can help these souls. They have been in deep darkness for centuries. Now is the time. We are showing them to you so that you can help them to be released. They have served their penance.”

I sensed in my heart, that these souls had done their penance, and the time had come for their release. Blessed Mother explained that during their life on earth, they committed the most terrible offences against God. Since their offences were so great, no prayer could touch them or help them. They had to be purified through their own suffering.

Many times our Lord revealed to me that when souls are in such a deep, dark Purgatory, they were very close to Hell. It is only through God’s mercy that they were saved from eternal damnation.

Later on that morning, I went to church to attend Holy Mass, which also happened to be the funeral mass for a lady who was a friend of mine.

As soon as I knelt down, I said, “Lord, I bring You all the souls that were shown to me this morning, all the souls that were kept in deep, deep, darkness for centuries. Now I open the grates and I release all of the souls to freedom. Lord, have mercy on all these souls that offended You during their life on earth. I ask You for pardon and mercy. Please Lord, wash them with your Precious Blood, so that they are pure and clean, so that they will be worthy of your Heavenly Kingdom.”

As I was saying this pray to our Lord, and pleading for mercy for these souls, I could see myself, with such a powerful force and authority, which only comes from God, lift open the grates and release the souls.

Many times our Lord said to me, “Whatever you offer Me and ask Me, I can never refuse and say no. I accept it.”

After the grates were opened and the souls released, I could see them standing in front of the Altar. They looked very confused and frightened, because suddenly they found themselves in unfamiliar surroundings, after being imprisoned for so long. Most of them were men and were very poorly dressed.

The funeral Mass was very simple and very beautiful. As the Mass proceeded, during the offering of the bread and wine, in the sacrifice of the Sacrament of the Holy Eucharist which becomes the Body and Blood of our Lord Jesus Christ, the souls standing at the foot of the Altar were sprinkled with the Precious Blood. They were purified and raised up to our Lord, and in an instant they just vanished.

Later, our Lord thanked me for offering these souls to Him.

He said, “Thank you My child for what you have done and for obeying Me. I give you authority and today was the day that their liberation had come.”

The souls could not see our Lord, until they reached Heaven. As much as their desire is so powerful and so strong to see our Lord, until they are completely purified, they cannot see our Lord. They only see our Blessed Mother.

We have to try to live a decent and good life while here on earth, so that we can avoid the suffering in a deep and dark Purgatory. This message was given to me by our Lord on 15 February 2018.


Pray for our Holy Father Pope Francis

While I was praying the Holy Rosary our Blessed Mother came and said to me, “My daughter, I come to tell you how sad I am and how sad my Son Jesus is for the Holy Father, Pope Francis.”

She said, “People condemn him so awfully and talk about him with their sharp tongues, which are like poison. They judge him badly. People should pray for him for he works very hard right now. He tries to lead all of you through these difficult times which you are all experiencing.”

“Pray for the Pope, but do not condemn him and judge him, for you will be severely judged by God, who sees and hears all of your criticisms.”

“How principled, the people are becoming today in the world. They think they have the right to criticise.”

Blessed Mother said, “No, my children. Humble yourselves and pray. Let God be the judge, for He is the only One and True, and I tell you, His judgements are severe. Pray and do not criticise the Pope and the priests. They all need your prayers.”

Blessed Mother was crying when she was giving me this message. This message was given to me by Blessed Mother on 10 February 2018.


Always kneel in the presence of God the Creator

One day our Lord was dictating a message to me and my home phone rang. I put my pen down and went to answer the phone. I told the person calling that I could not speak to them at that moment and that I would call them back later. I put the phone down and immediately went back to our Lord.

Our Lord looked very sad. He said, “Do you know My child, you should not go and answer the phone without My permission. I did not dismiss you. That telephone call was not important. You were in My presence and you disobeyed Me.”

I apologised to our Lord, but I felt a terrible pain in my Heart for having offended God. To this day, I can still feel that physical pain in my heart, when I think about this.

Many times Blessed Mother said, “My daughter, when you write the messages that we give you, you must always kneel down, because you must always remember that you are in the Holy Presence of God, the Creator.”

I must always be on my knees while I am receiving and writing down messages from our Lord and His Holy Mother.


Suffering for Holy Souls

The daily experiences I have with the Holy Souls involves me enduring much physical suffering, so as to help and guide them through their purification and to ultimately lead them to their Heavenly Home.

In the evenings after I finish my prayers, I say to the Lord, “Bless me Lord, so that I can have a good night’s sleep.” But it is not meant to be. My room is always filled with Holy Souls. They are there waiting and watching. They call me by my name, but I try to ignore them, as this is never ending, and it has been this way for many, many years.

Usually the next day when I attend Mass, I offer all the Holy Souls that were in my room, at the Holy Mass, and I tell them to stay there and not come back. The next day, again my room is full of Holy Souls.

Now, during Lent, I asked our Lord, “Are these the same souls that were here yesterday?”

Our Lord answered, “No, they are different ones. They come to your refuge and they seek your help. Especially now that we are approaching Easter, they all wish to go to Heaven. That is why I increase your suffering during this time of the year. Also, you must realise that people die every day. They all need help and guidance.”

Jesus always guides me and encourages me during my suffering and consoles me. He says, “Do not decide to do anything on your own, because you will then have trouble, but offer to Me and I will guide you and decide what is right and what is wrong for you to do.” Jesus decides for me, who I am to pray and to suffer for in order to protect me from any attacks from the evil one.

When I go through the physical pain in my body, which is so intense that I keep tossing and turning in bed, our Lord would come and say, “Keep still, so that I can work better on you.”

I said, “Lord, it is so painful, that I cannot take it anymore.”

He would allow me to suffer most of the night and then He would take the pain away and give me a few hours of restful sleep in the early morning. Even though, most of the night I had endured all that pain and suffering, with very little sleep, when I am about to get up in the morning, I would usually have energy and be able to go about my daily routine and complete my chores, because our Lord gives me His Grace and Strength.

Blessed Mother showed me how all this suffering I go through is used to cleanse the Holy Souls and help them to go to Heaven.

She usually takes me to see the souls in Purgatory and to show me how they suffer. She would then take me to the side, to a little kitchenette and show me many, many dirty dishes that need washing. These dirty dishes represent the sins of the Holy Souls; the sins they did not repent of before they died. Through all my sufferings, prayers and Holy Mass offerings for them, these dirty dishes are then washed and become spotless.

After washing them, Blessed Mother and I step back, and we look at all the spotless dishes and she says, “Are they not all beautiful, all spotless and clean.”

I asked, “Blessed Mother, there were so many souls here and now they are gone. Where are they now?”

She answers, “Now they are all happy, raised to their Heavenly Home. See, with all your suffering you produce good fruits and at the same time you console my Son Jesus.

Thank you, Lord Jesus for your Grace.