Recent Messages

By Valentina Papagna

August 18 and August 25, 2018

Father Valerijan Jenko

Father Valerijan Jenko had recently passed away. His funeral was last June. During the mass, I had a vision about him.

I saw the bed in which he was lying before he died. Priests surrounded him. In the next moment, I could see our Blessed Mother at the foot of his bed. She stretched out her hands towards him and smiled at him. She then turned to me and said, “Now, I do not want you to be upset but be happy for him because he finished his journey on earth and I am taking him home to Heaven. Pray for him.”

Our Lord has always asked me to pray for our priests and bishops and clergy, for all those still living as well as for those who have died.

Today, especially, I prayed for the soul of Father Valerijan. While praying for him, I suddenly had a vision of him. In the vision, I could see another person with him. I presume it was his guardian angel.

Father Valerijan smiled at me and said, “Thank you for the prayers you offered for me. You know, Valentina, while I was alive, I was always afraid to die, but I was wrong. When I took my last breath on earth, a door opened in front of me. On the other side of the door, the most beautiful Heavenly beings appeared to welcome me. They were all waiting for me.”

In the vision, I could see the door opening. On the other side, there were priests and bishops, and they were all wearing white robes embellished with an embroidered band down each sleeve. The embroidery was in the most brilliant heavenly colours. The scapular down the front of the robe was also in similar embroidery.

Father Valerijan was wearing a brown habit, the robe of the Franciscan Order. Once he passes through the door, he also will be dressed in the beautiful robes like those of the priests and bishops greeting him.

He said, “I was happy on earth many times, but nothing compared to here. I cannot express how happy and joyful I am here.”

Thank You, Lord for Father Valerijan, that You gave him such a grace to be with You.



About five o’clock in the morning, I was praying the Holy Rosary and the Divine Mercy Chaplet, when all of a sudden a woman appeared next to my bed. She looked like a horrid witch. She was very poorly dressed, wearing raggedy clothes, of a dull, grey colour. Her hair was shoulder length, and there appeared to be pieces hanging off of her.

She screamed at the top of her lungs, “You are ruining us! Stop talking to people about Him! You have to stop! You have to stop! You’re damaging us!”

I spoke back to her, “Get out of here! Get out of here!” I kept repeating this command, while at the same time praying in my heart for her to leave.

I called upon all of Heaven to help me. Holy Michael immediately appeared and said to me, “Fear not, she cannot harm you. She is only threatening you, but she cannot do anything to you.”

Upon the appearance of St Michael the woman left.

I said, “Thank you Holy Michael and the whole of Heaven for helping me.”

I cannot do anything on my own.



Every night my room is full of Holy Souls. Tonight, especially, there were more than usual. There were thousands of them, so packed they were, that you could not even squeeze a needle between them. I could hear them crying and begging for help.

I was saying my evening prayers including the Litany of Loreto. The moment I finished my prayers and switched off my bedside lamp, there was a very loud bang on my bedroom window. In the darkness of the night, I could see the outline of a huge creature, completely black, as if of charcoal. I immediately knew that this was a demon.

He said to me, “I come to destroy you and to choke you to death.” As he was saying this, his big, muscly arm moved towards me to grab me. In shock, and sinking further into my bed to avoid the demon, I screamed and called out to our Lord, “Lord Jesus, come quick!”

Suddenly, a flash of golden light appeared, and I knew it was our Lord. The demon just vanished instantly. Our Lord then appeared from that flash of light. With a smile on His Face, He said to me, “Fear not, My daughter, the devil hates you. You are his worst enemy because you take all the souls away from him. Say a prayer to feel peace. The devil cannot touch you because I will not permit it.”

At that moment when our Lord spoke to me, I appreciated the souls coming to me to seek my help and that the devil could not take them with him.

I prayed throughout the night and was then able to find peace.

In the morning, I went to Holy Mass, and I offered all the Souls in my room at the foot of the Altar.

Thank you, Lord Jesus. Have mercy on the Holy Souls. I hope You receive them and take them to Your Heavenly Kingdom.