Message from the Holy Spirit, the Paraclete

By Valeria Copponi

November 30, 2016

My daughter, I inundate you with the wind of My Holy Spirit. Now you can tell your brothers and sisters how strong is the presence of the Third Person of the Trinity. He who never leaves you, he whom you do not hear [alt. translation: feel] but without whom you would lack breath, the one who is almost always the Unnamed but who continually gives you the Word, he who is your spiritual life.

Little children, without the Spirit of your body would be as dead. How many corpses are walking next to you, maybe wearing expensive clothes but empty inside, spineless, unable to breathe true life.

My little children, you understand when I speak, I alone am Infused Knowledge, I alone nourish your soul, I alone am your life. Without the Spirit you are whitened sepulchres, empty, without values.

You are thinking that I am too severe; it is not so, little child, it is you who no longer know what is real living, the true path, the real eternal truth.

I take care of you more than any earthly medicine, I take care of you with my love, I burn your hearts to purify them and embellish them in preparation for the coming of the Second Person of the Trinity. One God, one Truth, one Life.

Bear witness, dear children, that your God is the Only God, there are no others besides Him. One sole God, one sole Lord. I always enlighten you, pay attention to my suggestions because everything that comes from outside is not truth. I am the Way - the Truth - the Life.

I know you, I know your needs and all your necessities. I do not want to be severe but just, I will never sugar the pill for you; you will have true life only if you know how to listen to my teaching - then my Light will be your strength - your truth - your true life.

I bless you in the name of the Father, of the Son and in My Name.

The Holy Spirit, the Paraclete.