Mary your leader

By Valeria Copponi

February 15, 2017

My little children, do not let yourselves be seized by rage, do not fret, I your Mother I give you peace: it is right to defend my priestly children but do not fret, do not subject either them or the poor sinners to your judgment.

Leave judgment to your Father who is in heaven, and may your speech be always full of consolation and forgiveness for all your brothers. Let mercy come into hearts and then everything will become more acceptable.

No one is perfect and precisely because of this, do not let yourselves be caught up in agitation and judgment. Judge not, little children, because as you judge so will you be judged.

Be agreeable, try to understand and comprehend your brothers; each one of you is unique in God's eyes, therefore do not put limits on anyone, always try to be understanding and compassionate, and your Father who is in heaven and knows your hearts will put the spirit of love within you.

I advise you to limit yourself in speaking: you do not need a river of words in order to understand what is being said and respond adequately, sometimes just a nod, a smile suffices to put the other person at ease.

I gave you an example every time when faced by life's trials. Think of my situation, of my annunciation, of the mystery that was changing my life. I entrusted myself to God - I did not need many explanations; I responded, leaving the rest to God.

So when you find yourself in debates, do not become agitated, but try to listen first of all to what Jesus is asking of you at that moment. Entrust yourselves to Him, put your doubts, your worries, your uncertainties in his hands and remain silent.

Do not judge but pray that the Lord might take care of his children: everything will seem less complicated and easier to solve.

I bless you, pray for all priests, the consecrated and the laity.

Mary, your leader.