Mary, She who Counsels

By Valeria Copponi

May 3, 2017

Peace to you! "Here I am": this was my answer to my Father's request, do likewise if you want your life to be lived in the light. My little children, you see how in the world only items of bad news follow one another; do you not ask yourselves why? I will tell you why! Your responses to God are never in obedience to His commandments! One blind person will never be able to lead another! Return to your Father if you want things to change. Prayer ascends to heaven, but increasingly weak and insecure, my children; where has your faith gone? Have faith and I assure you that whatever you ask for will be given to you. You no longer know how to pray and therefore you do not know how to ask; I urge you to make more space for the prayer of the heart, give us all your attention, ask sincerely, be loyal to God and to your neighbor: then you will be heard. The things you want almost never match your Father's will; learn to trust the immense love of God who only wants good things for you, his children. Trust his will, I repeat: you will be repaid much more than you think. Humanity does not know its Creator's design, therefore it must trust and entrust itself to Him. If you who are not good want good things for your children, how much more will God who has created you give you all his love, all the best that you could want. I suggest what is best for you but often I am not understood. Close your eyes when you pray and you will see the glory of God: it is impossible to enjoy heaven if you only desire the poor things of the earth. Therefore pray with your heart, thinking that in heaven "everything", "the most", "the infinite good" awaits you. Desire what is best!


Mary, She who "counsels"