Mary, Mother of the Baptized

By Valeria Copponi

August 5, 2020

Dear children, your Mother was be here to wait for you. I am happy when you are ready to heed my call. Above all, after baptism, you are children of God to all effects.

Dear children, be holy, like in the moment in which you received the forgiveness of original sin. I tell you and remind you that baptism is the beginning of your true life. Today, like then, behave accordingly. Be always ready to heed the call of my Son.

There will come times that are difficult for those children who are not ready. I repeat: make it such that your baptism always be seen as if it were the first moment.

Do not behave like you were the masters of the world, but put in first place, in your heart and in your mind, Jesus, the Christ of God, that Christ who has offered himself for you on that wood of the Cross.

Let baptism free you from your sins every day. Pray with the Creed like in that day in which your parents and godparents did it for you. Console those brethren of yours who cannot make use of that baptismal grace.

Offer prayers and sacrifices for them. Speak to them of this sacrament. Tell them that baptism would wipe out all their sins. I am with you and help you in this mission of yours. Look upon the Kingdom of God, obeying its divine Laws.

Dear children, I count on you baptized. Speak with your brethren. Make it such that they can merit Paradise. I bless you and thank you for having responded with affection to my call.

Mary, Mother of the Baptized