Mary, Consoler of the Afflicted

By Valeria Copponi

December 2, 2020

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Message from Our Lady

My dearest children, so beloved, I see your hearts so tried, but I tell you: fear not, because the ancient serpent can do no evil to my children who are obedient to their Eternal Father. Continue to live and go forward like you have always done.

Times can change, but the love and the attention that your Father has for you will never change. I am with you and am always ready to protect you from evil.

You see how so many of your brethren, who live far from Divine grace, how they worry, but you have Me. The devil can do nothing against you when you have my name on your lips.

Always remember, in your darkest moments, to repeat the name of Jesus and mine. You will see, as if magically, peace and joy return to your hearts. Let prayer always be on your lips; you will never have a better medicine.

Always carry my weapon with you. Use it in moments of need with the certitude that you will be heard and protected from every evil. The devil can do nothing before your faith in God.

Be always certain that from every good work there can issue only love and forgiveness for the most miserable of human creatures.

Not one of you is perfect. For this reason, you must pray incessantly to your Father, the Only Perfect Being. Preserve yourselves always in purity of thought, so that all your works issue forth valuably and give one hundred percent.

I bless you, my children. Always ask, in your prayers, the faith that will lead you always on the way that leads to Jesus. Fear not; we are always with you.

Mary, Consoler of the Afflicted