Purify Your Bodies

By Valeria Copponi

March 30, 2022

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Countdown to the Kingdom

Message from “Mary, Mother most Chaste”

You invoke me as “Immaculate”! But mark well what that means! My dearly beloved little children, I want you to think more about your conduct. My being Immaculate starts with my spiritual and then also bodily purity! My children, I do not claim that your body should remain pure [1] — you mothers understand well what I am talking about — but when I speak with you, my daughters, I mean “pre-marital purity”!  This purity has gone unnamed, [but] “an impure act” concerns precisely this. My daughters, I am addressing you: go back to living in chastity until the day of your wedding. I tell you that sin only brings negativity.  Your children who are born of an impure act come from sin, and sin certainly does not bring purity. Understand that only a conscious confession will bring you back to peace with God. I am speaking to you, daughters, but my sons are also in mortal sin if the act of conception occurs before the matrimonial blessing. Too many impure acts cause as much negativity in your lives. Pray that your young people would reach their wedding in purity of body and soul. I tell that you will not have as many wars. I am your Mother: listen to me, at least in these end times — purify your bodies, besides the absolute purification of the spirit. I bless you: be pure — may my purity be an example to you.


↑1 in the sense of perpetual virginity. Translator’s note.