Playing With Fire

By Valeria Copponi

March 9, 2022

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Countdown to the Kingdom

Message from “Your Sorrowful Mother”

My dearly beloved little children, you ask me to “pray for us sinners”, but do you truly ask this from the depths of your heart? I always hear your prayers, but do you realize what you are asking of me? Perhaps you pray thinking of something else, in which case you will have to experience first-hand [1] how much I intercede for you, for your families and for the whole world. Unfortunately, you are really experiencing difficult times: war has taken the place of peace and you are living in fear and lamentation. Now you are again asking yourselves: “Do I pray for you?” My children, if I did not intercede for you, your world would have disappeared and the majority of you, its inhabitants, would be suffering the pains of hell. 

Little children, do not go on allowing yourselves to play with fire, because if you continue to behave in this way, suffering will be your eternal abode. I beseech you, think properly about what you are preparing for life after death [2] with your own hands. My children, unfortunately, most of your brothers and sisters are not thinking about tomorrow. I beseech you, put true prayer first in your lives; offer up sacrifices for your brothers and sisters who rebel against God’s Word. Pray for young people who do not understand what they are risking by abandoning the Holy Mass. Pray, my children: I will continue to intercede for you, distracted and disobedient children.


↑1 toccare con mano
↑2 l’aldilà – “the beyond”