My Church: No Longer Catholic nor Apostolic

By Valeria Copponi

October 5, 2022

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Countdown to the Kingdom

Message from Jesus, the Only-Begotten Son

My dearly beloved little children, continue with your prayers, do not forsake Me; I gave My life for you on the Cross and in these times My sufferings are still so many, and I must urge you to stay close to Me with your offerings [1] and prayers of adoration. Your Jesus suffers especially because of My Church, which no longer respects My commandments. Little children, I wish to have prayers from you for My Church which, unfortunately, is no longer Catholic, nor Roman Apostolic [in its conduct]. [2] Pray and fast so that My Church may return to being as I want Her to be. Always profit from My Body so that It may keep you obedient to My Church. My children, your earthly times are coming to an end; [3] therefore I tell you and repeat to you: nourish yourselves with My Body and pray to My Father that He would still have compassion on you. Your Mother weeps for you — but the multitude of you are unable to console Her. My Father still has many places, [4] but try to merit them; otherwise the devil will gather your souls. I, Jesus, beseech you: console My Mother who is again experiencing the pains of the time of My Passion. You, My children who listen to Me, pray, be a good example to all My children who no longer believe in God. May My blessing descend upon you and your families.


↑1 “Offerings” in the sense of offering up suffering and difficulties to God in conjunction with Christ’s merits for the sake of the Church and the salvation of sinners, not primarily in terms of monetary offerings (although almsgiving is not excluded).
↑2 These two sentences may initially strike us as shocking generalizations, but they need to be understood responsibly in the context of the genre of private revelation, which does not employ the same language as dogmatic theology or Magisterial pronouncements. As in the Old and New Testaments, Divine admonition when expressed through the prophets — and by Jesus, Himself — frequently employs elements of hyperbole in order to draw our attention (e.g. “if your eye causes you to sin, tear it out and throw it away” (Mt. 18:9). The sense of the present message ought to be clear, namely that while the Lord continues to identify with the Church as His, it has in practice departed from what it means to be authentically Catholic, Apostolic and Roman, and stands in urgent need of renewal. As we find emphasized in many other sources, this renewal is to be brought about both by Divine initiative and human collaboration through prayer and penance. This theme of a return of the Church to its roots after a time of apostasy leading to radical purification is consistent with the entire modern Catholic mystical tradition, beginning with Blessed Anne-Catherine Emmerich and Blessed Elisabetta Canori Mora in the early 19th century.
↑3 In the messages to Valeria Copponi, expressions such as “earthly times” appears to mean times on the earth in its present condition prior to its transformation by the Holy Spirit and the coming of the Kingdom of the Divine Will. They do not imply that life on this planet as such is imminently coming to an end.
↑4 In Heaven (implied). Translator’s note