No More Time Left…

By Valeria Copponi

September 21, 2022

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Countdown to the Kingdom

Message from “Mary, she who spurs you on to obedience"

My children, I cannot abandon any of you; seek prayer and never give up invoking God’s grace. Do you not realize that without God’s help you will go nowhere? I am your Mother and I invoke God the Father, shedding tears for each one of you. Even the least of you — that is, the one who has forgotten that God is his Creator and that He wants to bring him back to Himself — cannot [be allowed to] end up in the blazing fire of hell. [1]

My dearly beloved little children, pray first of all for your weaker brothers and sisters, for you have no more time left to invoke God’s Name for those poor creatures of Mine with hearts of ice. I can still use your good deeds to pray to your Father to touch the hearts of my children who are disobedient towards His commandments. I love you and do not want to lose any of My children, but time is pressing and there are few of you left who obey God’s laws.

Pray, My children, eternity is near for all of you and it is up to each of you to choose eternal joy or eternal suffering. You have little time: ask for forgiveness, I tell you — you can still repent of the evil you have done and choose God’s goodness. I bless you; seek to live in obedience to your Father and you will enjoy His eternal joy.

↑1 ie. cannot simply be abandoned without her, and our, loving efforts to call the sinner to repentance.