Thank you so very much!!!

By The Webmaster

Message from the Webmaster

On behalf of my wife and I, I wanted to tell you all "Thank you" from the bottom of my heart.  There is no way we would had made it through the past few weeks without your help.  Because of you all, we were able to keep our electric on, pay our internet bill, and get food in our house.  Thank you all so very much!!!  Please know that I continue praying for all of you, regardless if you can help us or not. Thank you so so much!!

God bless.

-Jimmy and Family



No cross, no crownHello again everyone, may the Peace of Our Lord and His Most Holy Mother be with you all.

As you all know, this ministry often finds itself struggling financially. And although I have been pushing it off for as long as I can, my wife finally insisted that I need to get help before our insurance lapses and we accrue multiple bounce-fees. This has always been a weakness we've dealt with ever since starting this ministry, whether it's an attack by the evil one to get us to stop this ministry (which will never happen) or a tool used by the Lord to teach us to be humble and depend on Him more then ourselves. And God knows I am so unworthy to even ask for any help. And yet here I find myself again.

So I place myself before you all again, sinful and sorrowful, to ask for any help that the Lord may bring us.

Thank you all so very much for the help we received previously. Every bit has helped us, regardless of the size. And I continue to bring all of you before the Lord when ever I am at the blessed sacrament.

May the Lord bless you all, and thank you again.

Your Brother in Christ,

PS: If I did not respond to your email yet, I am SOOOO Sorry!!! I try to write everyone that emails or helps us, but it gets very difficult to get to everyone. Thank you all though regardless. And know you are all in my prayers. God bless.