A String of Misfortunes

By The Webmaster

*If you do not wish to read the full text below, I understand. The simple version is we are in extreme financial difficulties and really need help.  The text below explains what has happened to us in just the past 2 weeks.
Thank you and God bless.


Cross Under the RainIt is a terrible truth that "No Good Deed Goes Unpunished". And this is especially true when you enter the arena to fight for souls. No matter what it is, if it has the potential to save souls, you can bet your bottom dollar the evil one will be right there to hinder and thwart your plans. And that is where we are again finding ourselves.

A month ago I decided I was going to use what little time we have left before the Warning arrives to try and create animations that would (hopefully) teach people about the Warning, starting with the message given to Saint Faustina about the Illumination. Bold idea, but I wanted to try regardless. I got the courses needed to learn this new technology, and our business was finally picking up to allow us to pay our bills. Awesome, right?

Just then I felt a tug on my heart, as if my angel (or maybe the Holy Spirit) was warning me in advance that we would suffer many struggles in an attempt to thwart our goals if I chose to move foreword. It wasn't a warning to scare me away, but more of an acknowledgement that this task would require enduring suffering to accomplish if I accepted it. I immediately began seeing the strategies the evil one was formulating to prevent me from doing this, from making me too busy for studying, or too sleepy to stay awake and pay attention, to driving our expenses so high that I would have to work non-stop just to pay our bills.

So, after praying about it I decided I was going to do it. It may be difficult, and I might not succeed, but I'm sure gonna try.

Well, over the past 2 weeks it appears that ALL of these strategies have come to fruition. First, all our taxes from 2018 to this year had to be re-adjusted due to errors on my part. (I'm not a tax person, so I didn't know.) Last week we got the NEW total we owe the IRS, 15K!!! EEEK!!!  We set up a payment arrangement that will keep the IRS at bay, but it's an added burden I can barely afford. Then we lost a tire and an expensive home appliance died, forcing me to rent a replacement till I can save money to buy one. (More money I can barely afford.)

At this point I found myself having to work extra early in the morning AND late into the night just to try and pay for all of this.  And to make things worse, my wife gets the news that if she doesn't get her blood-pressure down she's likely to have a stroke.

THEN!!! Our transmission died in our car!!! (And it's warranty had just elapsed!!) No warning at all, we even baby the car!! And yet it died.

And this is all within just the past 2 weeks!!! At this point all studying has stopped because I need to work almost every hour I'm awake.  And now I find myself having no choice but to beg and plead for help. Our main concern is getting our vehicle repaired. With 4 kids it's a necessity. But that alone is such a costly expense that I have no idea what to do. So ANY help would be so greatly appreciated!!

PLEASE pray for us that this string of misfortunes comes to an end soon and that I can start again on the project I began.

On a side note, today I was posting a message from CountdownToTheKingdom.com by Martin Gavenda that really touched me. In brief Our Lady told him:
"Accept crosses and all difficulties with patience and humility. Accept them as a precious gift of repentance. For the love of the Triune God, place all suffering in my hands with the intention of the conversion of sinners."

Please pray for us that we can carry these crosses with patience and humility as Our Lady is asking us.

If you find yourself in a similar situation, just remember:

If the devil is not bothering you then you are no threat to him.
You may even unwittingly be working with him.

God bless.

Praising the Father