Praying for a breakthrough

By The Webmaster

A few weeks ago you all prayed for us and then finally, after 2 months, we seen a break-through in our financial issues. Some of our clients (all at the same time) began to pay us for work we had done months ago. With some payments coming in, along with the help we received, as fast as we could we began trying to catch up on our bills which where all very far behind. I thought we were finally passing this hurdle, but as quickly as it was gone it returned with avengence, increasing the struggles and tension in our household far more than before. Some in our home are insisting that it's because of our ministry that this is happening to us, and I have no doubt that it's part of the reason why. But this month I also began a new project* that I knew in advance would likely cause a retaliation like this. I just didn't think it would happen so fast.

Please continue praying for us. As of today we are now in the negatives and are finding ourselves using a walmart weekly payment plan to get groceries. (As you can guess, this can add up very quickly!!) So any help or prayers are SO GREATLY APPRECIATED and needed!!!

May the Lord bless you all, and thank you again so very much for helping us.

God bless.

Saint Faustina*PS: For those who are curious about this new project, after much prayer and discernment I decided to migrate my programming skills towards computer animation. For years I tried sharing this website with friends and family to warn them of what is coming, but to no avail... they just don't want to read it. Their faces are always stuck in their phones playing games or watching videos.  So, I decided I will animate it instead. My first animation will HOPEFULLY be a short clip showing my idea of the Warning as through the eyes of Saint Faustina on the day the Lord told her about the coming day of mercy.

Please pray for us that we will be able to successfully create this.  And Saint Faustina, please pray for us.

(It is possible that I may had bitten off more than I can chew, but with God anything is possible.) If we successfully create this animation, then many more will hopefully follow... God willing.