By The Webmaster

May 17, 2022

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The Webmaster


Thank you for being patient with us during this process.  Literally EVERY SINGLE THING that could had gone wrong did!!!  First we lost ALL of our DNS records for no reason, just wiped clean!!  (That's the instructions that tell your browser how to find our website.)   And worse, the old server would not let us rebuild them.  THEN the new name servers refused to update for days!!!  (That's what holds the DNS records.)  AND THEN the SSL refused to build AND the site would not allow users to view the site without it!!!  And to top it all off, I lost EVERY SINGLE EMAIL everyone had ever sent me!!!  So at the moment I have absolutely no idea who I did not respond to or thank. 

Honestly, it felt just like this:

Yes, our system is down.  Obviously we broke it just for fun and to make your day more difficult.


Needless to say, this was an exhausting experience.  Thank you all for your help and patients and prayers!!!  If you experience any further issues with the site please reach out to us.

God bless!