Our Apologies For Not Responding...

By The Webmaster

November 14, 2023

Our Apologies For Not Responding...

Hi everyone!  I just wanted to apologize for not responding to your emails yet.  As you all know I own my own business and was asking for prayers for many months that more work would come in.


Well, the good news is the Lord answered your prayers for us!!


The bad news...
He answered ALL of your prayers INDIVIDUALLY!!


So lately I have been working multiple jobs both day and night.  Very grateful for all the work, but it leaves me with no time to deal with the many emails coming in daily.

I think it was Mother Angelica who warned those who asked for their prayers to be VERY SPECIFIC, otherwise they may get more than they asked for.  ;)

I promise I will eventually get to them all, but please be patient with me. 


God bless
Your exhausted brother in Christ,