One Step Closer to our Mobile App!!

By The Webmaster

September 14, 2023

Mobile App Coming Soon!!

Every day we get closer and closer to the prophesied days of tribulation.  So, in a "last-ditch" effort to reach as many souls as possible,  (especially those who are addicted to their phones) we are building a mobile app version of  The first portion of this new tool has been officially finished last night.  

Have you noticed anything different with our website?
If no, then that's EXACTLY what we wanted.  

To begin our new app, we needed to ensure that it was able to receive updated information and the latest messages from our website in real-time as soon as new messages are posted.  So we replaced our website's old code base with a brand new engine, built with the latest technology providing it with the ability to send updates to a mobile app as soon as updates are posted. 


The next portion that's under development is the app itself.  It's still a few months away, but I will keep you all posted when we are about to launch the new app.

Lastly, please understand that this project is only possible because of the generosity of our readers.  Without your help, I would never be able to afford to take on such a difficult and time consuming project.  As you all know, we struggle very badly, especially financially!  Oddly enough though, it was solely because of this struggle that opened the doors for us to upgrade our site and move foreword with this project.  God does work in mysterious ways!

So PLEASE keep us in your prayer!!!  Especially through the intercessions of Saint Joseph and Blessed Carlo Acutis, whom this project is dedicated to.  And if anyone can help us, (especially in the next month for which we aren't fully certain how we are going to get through yet) we would be SOOOOO greatly thankful and appreciative!!!

May the Lord bless you all, and know that I lift you all up before the Blessed Sacrament asking Our Lord to bless you all and to hear your prayers.

God bless.

Saint Joseph, Terror of Demons

Saint Joseph, Terror of Demons, Pray for Us

Blessed Carlo Acutis, Patron of Programmers

Blessed Carlo Acutis, Patron of Programmers, Pray for Us