Asking for Prayers For My Wife

By The Webmaster

September 15, 2023

Hi everyone!  

Husband and Wife PrayingFor years my family has worked to bring Heaven's Messages to as many people as we could.  But few people know that our family is actually a divided family, where only half of us actually go to Church and pray and fast.  This has been a very contentious issue for years and the #1 prayer on my lips, to bring my full family back to the Church before it's too late.

Well, today was a day of change for our family.  My wife, who has not been to Church nor confession since her confirmation as a child, today expressed to our family that she wants to return to the church, starting with confession.  YEAH!!!!  Prayers that I had said for 26+ years are finally being answered!!!  She explained that after her blood clot in July, the possibility of dying unrepentant really scared her.  And although she's been doing what the doctors ordered and taking her medicines, today we fear another clot may have formed in her other leg.  And her health crisis, topped with the stress of our financial struggles, is really starting to take a toll on her health. 

For once, the thought of her mortality actually hit home and became real.  

 And so, she wants to get right with God and start returning to her faith in case she unexpectedly "runs out of time".

But, she has a problem.  See, she has social anxiety, severely.  Just being in the presence of a priest makes her break out in a panic attack.  So revealing every mortal sin to one in confession is a terrifying prospect for her.  So she asked me to reach out to our audience and ask for prayers that she can overcome these fears and return to the sacraments.  (And we all know who's pulling those fear strings...)

So will you please keep my wife and family in your prayers, that first and foremost my wife can return to the sacraments, and also that her health will improve.

Thank you, and may the Lord bless you all.