Thank you all soooo much!!!

By The Webmaster

January 27, 2024

Hi Everyone!!!Jesus Helping Peter

I want to thank you all so very much for helping us.  I especially want to thank all those who mail us whom I cannot write back, but please know that I say a prayer over everything we receive and thank Jesus for His blessing through you all and that He may also bless you all in return.  I also bring you all before the Blessed Sacrament to ask for his blessings on you and all your families when ever I can.

I am also very sorry that it takes me a bit longer than I like to respond to who I can.  I'm working 2 jobs (with a 3rd in the wings) and struggle to make time to do anything else.  

Please know that your support has helped us greatly.  First we were able to obtain many of the tools needed for our servers and am trying to figure out how to set everything up.  (Definitely not easy!!!  My hat off to all you IT folks who do this for a living!!!)  We also started learning how to use to help us manage our finances better.  It's gonna take a few months, but hopefully it helps in the long-run to avoid asking for help as often.

Thank you all again so very much.  May the Lord bless you and your loved ones!!

God bless.  Your Brother in Christ,


PS: The "After the Warning" app is finally in development.  Unfortunately my current workload has slowed things down, but God-willing it'll get done.